Middle Ground Of Gun Control

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The Middle Ground of Gun Control
The topic of gun control has been one of the most controversial debates in American history. Since the Revolutionary War the right to bear arms has been a constitutional right enjoyed by millions. Although, due to the dramatic increase in the number of gun related incidents, the Second Amendment faces strong opposition that demands radical changes. From school shootings to domestic terrorism in our country, the citizens of America have questioned the government’s power to keep people safe. The government’s lack of gun control is becoming a growing concern for Americans. New limitations or eradication will be necessary to undertake a safer environment for the people of the United States. Gun violence may be more
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According to Wihbey (2014) the Federal Bureau of Investigation released a report confirming that mass shootings had increased from 2007. “From 2000 to 2006, there were an average of 6.4 annually; from 2007 to 2013, the average more than doubled, rising to 16.4 such shootings per year.” It would be easy to assume that anyone committing these crimes to be mentally or emotionally unstable. But with years of mental health research has shown only a small proportion of people committing these crimes to be diagnosed with a mental illness. It is unfair to blame an entire population, due to the actions of a few.
Mass shootings are the worst possible scenario of gun violence; it results in numerous injuries and deaths. The perpetrators of these crimes are commonly assumed to suffer from a mental illness. History has shown that some shooters have had mental illness, but the majority of those criminals do not. The guns used to commit these crimes are often assault weapons that carry an unnecessary amount of ammunition. A limitation of the type and amount of ammunition will dramatically reduce potential damage of future
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Criminals will carry on doing their crimes. Many experts agree that there is a bigger potential for crime to happen when guns are easily accessible. We need to start recognizing guns more as a privilege than a right. Just like we do with motor vehicles we need to essential create a “DMV” for guns. Making an educational place to learn how to properly use these weapons and also test the compatibility of the person who wants to possess a firearm. Also new laws need to be made to help keep a threshold on the capacity of guns allowed to be kept for personal use, there should be no reason to have multiple weapons unless they have a significant purpose such as hunting or personal security. Without the proper training any attempt to protect your self with a firearm could go wrong in a number of different ways. A study conducted by Philip J. Cook revealed that criminals are actually less likely to want to hurt someone if they were carrying a firearm. Using the gun as only a threat to get what they want without having to physically injure someone is their goal. Crime is always likely to happen no matter what laws or rules are in place, but if a crime were to occur it would be more beneficial that it happened without anyone getting

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