The Reasons On Gun Control In The United States

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Gun Control in the United States
Daniel Kussow
DeLaSalle High School

Gun Control in the United States
Crime and guns seem to always be paired together with one another. But are the two really that closely associated with each other? Does owning firearms really lead to crime? And if it does, do laws that put restrictions on the ownership of guns reduce gun-related crimes? These are the questions that many of our representatives in Congress are asking themselves when they go about voting on gun control laws. The debate about gun control versus the right to bear arms is not new and has been here for many years and it still trudges on today. As seen through this paper, gun control is a complicated issue with many different points
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In the United States, half of all families own at least one gun. Also, nearly 36,000 people die from gun related crimes in any given year. Those are big numbers and percentages and this is an issue that impacts a lot of people. Since gun related deaths are not always people who have guns in their homes, it is a broader issue than simply gun owner. The conversation should include everyone. Since 1993, American society has seen a decline in deaths related to guns. The number of fatal accidents has decreased at the same time as well. So why the …show more content…
Unfortunately, criminals often see no barriers when acquiring a gun despite the numerous laws put in place trying to prevent them from owning a gun in the first place. The Dangerous Possessor Gun Control laws prohibit the possession of a gun for anyone charged of a crime with more than a one-year sentence. Statistics show these laws aren’t doing too much good, as people seem to always find a workaround to getting a gun (e.g., asking a friend to purchase or finding an illegal outlet for their

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