Argumentative Summary: Gun Control

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Katrina Herrera
Mrs. Clark
AP English 3
08 February 2018
Argumentative Essay Final Draft: Gun Control
Gun control is one of the most controversial topics in American politics. More than one-third of Americans in the United States own firearms in their households. It is estimated that more than thirty-thousand people are shot each year due to murders, accidents, police intervention, suicide attempts and suicide. Gun control laws are not strict enough for the safety of our society. The purchase and possession of firearms should be banned in order to prevent potential public shootings, protect the environment, and decrease suicide and death rates.
Public shootings have become a problem in today’s society because they are becoming more and more fatal. As the years go by, the term “public
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Many Americans own guns for the hobby of shooting and hunting. In the article, Gun Ranges Produce Thousands of Tons of Toxic Pollution Every Year, by Alex Yablon, he talks about how ammo is destroying our environment. There are more than seven-thousand shooting ranges in America, but the people using them do not know how harmful their hobby really is. It puts everyone’s health at risk, even animals because the “residual lead from shooting ranges can poison humans and contaminate nearby soil or water”(Yablon). So having firearms legal, harm people, society, and even the natural resources we use from the environment. The harms of lead from ammunition “may cause paralysis, neurological damage and death”(Yarbon). At least 1.5 to 2 ton shots of bullets that contain lead, are shot every year. This pollutes our environment in a harmful way and it will only keep causing destruction to many natural resources. Restricting guns would then protect people and eventually protect the environment, in which animals live and where our supply of water and soil are from, from

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