Argumentative Essay On Gun Control

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Gun Control Every time we flip on the news we see a new story explaining a shooting in Chicago. Drive-by shootings are so common now in Chicago that we barely have time to explain one story without skipping to the next current one. To assume that we do not have a problem with guns in the Chicago/Illinois community is wrong. This is a nationwide problem as we have seen with mass shootings and the increasing numbers of deaths nationwide from gunshot wounds. Just this weekend as I began to write my paper, 50 people were shot and killed inside a nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Many people feel strongly about the 2nd amendment and keeping their rights to own guns and protect themselves. There are many logical arguments either way, but one comes out on top; we need massive gun control reform. Living in the Chicago-land area has exposed many of my fellow peers to the violence in the city. A young boy I had gone to school with since elementary school was shot and killed …show more content…
If this was true than Australia 's and Japan 's strict gun laws would have done nothing. Australia and Japan would have continued to see the same amount of violence, but yet, their gun violence has dwindled. In 2014, Australia had a total of 31 gun related homicides, while the United States had a staggering total of 12,593 gun related homicides (Gun Violence Archive, 2014). If these two simple facts do not convince you that some form of gun reform is needed in the United States that maybe this will: “The federal agency 's data on child and young teen deaths (14 and under) from guns from 1999 through 2014 show 6,495 deaths...” (Brunker, Defrank). One child is too many to die from a gun related homicide, let alone six thousand four hundred and ninety

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