Gun Control Paper

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The issue of gun control has been one of national concern as the debate arises on whether the states should be the ones in control or the federal government. People of all ages have been reported to be in the possession of firearms all for different purposes. Statistics in the US reveal that among 100 residents, 6 of them own guns accounting for 80% of the non-military guns(ProCon,2015). Survey study indicates that in 2014 in the US, 68% of the murders committed; 14,249 in total were with the use of firearms (Karimu, 2015). Millions of Americans have been the victim of assault, robberies and other crimes involving a gun, purchased by people who never should have been able to obtain one on
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Assault and cases of suicide have a positive correlation with gun ownership; guns accounting for 1.3% of total deaths in America. Evidence from studies reveals that guns are rarely used for self-defense with only 0.79% of the population using them for this purpose (ProCon, 2015). The government should be at the forefront of ensuring that the freedom of the people to protect themselves does not serve as a route to criminal activities within the country. It is at this point that stern measures are put into place to ensure that guns are not readily available in the streets. It includes ensuring that every gun that is sold out to the public is registered and the government has track on every firearm. Regulation is necessary such that not every person can gain the license to possess a firearm let alone use it. It is at this point that the government should chip in to regulate the modern liberalism that has taken core into the present …show more content…
It begins by the citizens demanding for something, viewed as an input that the government goes ahead to provide; at this pointed viewed as the outputs. The citizens may not always be pleased by the outcome of the new change depending on how it affects their social and economic environment (Roskin, Cord, Medeiros and Jones,2016). The public then goes ahead to request for another modification and the process of inputs, outputs and outcome begins again. This cycle is what makes up the framework of the relationship between the government and its citizens. The issue of guns is applicable here, whereby the public demands of gun rights and the government grants them. Much misuse comes from the guns, and the society is in a panic state, and so they call upon the government to save the situation. Most times, the government has no choice but to grant the public their requests primarily because the citizens put them in power in the first place and also due to the issue of liberalism (Karimu, 2015). However, looking at the issue critically the normal peace of society and moral standards degradation has a lot to do with guns getting into the wrong people’s hand. Those with licensed guns will tend to share with the rest of the public and in the case of a criminal case; it becomes hard to trace the real culprit. Studies between 2005 and 2010 indicate that 1.4 million guns were stolen from

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