Gun Control Issue

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The Issue of Gun Control Gun Control is a problem because there is a lack of education amongst the people of this country regarding the safe use of guns and the role they play in our world today. In an article released by USA Today titled “Steps to Stricter Gun Control” it is assessed that, “Nothing will prevent another mass shooting like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The issue is lack of education...” From this quote, it can be suggested that with more insight regarding guns, gun control would be a much easier problem to solve. Many people do not understand the things guns are used for because it simply does not apply to their lifestyle. Many of these same people are unaware of the role that guns have played in the United States. …show more content…
This solution requires no change to the current laws that our country has, which would eliminate the need to make changes to the second amendment. The biggest change that would come with this solution could be a better system of education on guns. This education could consist of guidelines such as how to safely load, clean, and carry a gun, as well as techniques on how to properly shoot the gun. With this solution, the biggest financial investment would be put toward the “gun schools”, and the professionals that work there. There are many major advantages that could come from the implementation of this solution. The first being that the educated gun wielders would be able to help in dire situations, such as mass shootings or other crimes because if there were many people in the vicinity carrying a weapon and possessing the knowledge and willingness to use it, then they could use their skills to protect the pedestrians in the area that are vulnerable. In his article titled “Simpleminded Gun Control” Jacob Sullum speculates that, “…we generally do not know a gun buyer wants to inflict harm on other people until he does it.” This statement provides evidence that it is impossible to know exactly what a gun will be used for, and since it is equally impossible to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, it is evident that the solution of arming more qualified citizens to protect themselves and others around them is an option that comes with obvious advantages. Another advantage to this solution would be the stimulation of the economy. The new creation of jobs that would come with the use of gun education facilities would provide more Americans with a job

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