Effective Use Of Cinematic Techniques In Tim Burton's Film

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The film director, Tim Burton, uses several different techniques throughout his films to show his unique sense of style and ideas to compliment his interesting and crazy personality. The stylistic techniques that Burton uses are the music, shots, and lighting to achieve the effects of mood, tone, and a sense of fantasy.
First of all, Burton’s use of music, mainly diegetic, in his films help the audience to be engaged and understand the emotions within the characters. For example, in his film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, there were several songs sung by the Oompa-loompas during the scenes where one of the children were in trouble for misbehaving and disobeying the rules that Willy Wonka has set for his factory. As the Oompa-loompas sing, the mood changes to being mischievous and funny as they all make fun of the rude children. Another example would be in the movie
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The film Edward Scissorhands includes many scenes that changes the lighting to represent darkness, mysteriousness, and a little bit of evil. At the beginning of the film, the neighborhood is shown with a sunny day, identical houses and yards, and light pastel colors to represent the nice, peaceful world that they currently live in. Shortly after, the mansion that Edward lives alone in is shown and the lighting changes. The bright little neighborhood changes to a dark, mysterious mansion that brings an eerie feeling and an idea that evil will soon be revealed. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the transition from dark to light when entering the room entirely made of chocolate represented fantasy and enchantment that creates memories of childhood. Lastly, in The Big Fish, Spector is a lively community with bright lights but the second time Spector is shown, it is very dark and sad. The lighting changes the mood and the change also adds to the visual appeal of the

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