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  • Miep Gies Is A Hero Essay

    I would have been able to do what she did, because she risked her safety in such hard times for quite a bit of people, and you wouldn't know if they ever cared about you or if they were just using you until you were useless. Alternatively, I believe that Miep Gies has left a huge mark in history and I think that many people can agree with me. I say this because she adds on to the moral courage list, with all of the others who did what they could, and because of that, they went down in history. Miep is an inspiration to many because about 11million people were killed and anyone who even dared to help deport the Jews or help them in any way would most likely be killed. Meanwhile, while all of this was going on, she continued to work for Opekta and contributed to keeping the business going. On weekdays Miep Gies sometimes went into the secret annexe several times a day. She is also an inspiration just because of how much courage that she had. More importantly, I think that being able to make a difference in someone’s life and taking advantage of that opportunity is what makes a hero. We all have the potential to be heroes, and clearly Miep Gies is a hero, she saved the Frank family and helped them through all of their hard times. I feel that I have had a few times where I showed courage, but one specific time came to mind. One event in which I showed moral courage was when I was baptized in front of a couple hundred people in a small pool with my cousin. This is a moral…

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  • In Spite Of Everything I Still Believe People Are Good At Heart Analysis

    In her diary, Anne Frank famously wrote, “In spite of everything, I still believe people are good at heart.” Why would she say that when all of these terrible things are happening in her family? What was going through her head when she wrote this? Who was she talking about? Anne Frank had a lot going through her mind while she was in hiding. She had no one to talk to, so she held in all of her thoughts to herself. Anne showed huge amounts of courage along with positivity. Throughout her whole…

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  • Write An Informative Essay On Miep Gies

    Everyone has heard of the legend Anne Frank, but who hid her and her family for the 2 years? Miep Gies! Miep Gies kept Anne Frank and her family alive during their time of need. Miep is a courageous woman who overcame hardships throughout her childhood and risked her life for the sake of others. Miep was born in Vienna, Austria, and was the second daughter of two working parents. Her Mom and Dad were not suitable to raise Miep and her sister. Their home had little food and even littler work.…

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  • Reflection On The Writing Squib

    The piece of writing used for the writing squib was from a journal entry on July 18th 2016. This time for me marks a museum entrance that left me forever moved by the story of Anne Frank and the secret annex. The writing on this day was to take the place of the camera I would have used and wanted to document but was not permitted to do so. The next best thing was pen and paper so I entered with the look of seeking answers to questions never even imagined. I started off the day meeting my…

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  • Anne Frank: A Brief Biography

    Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. Her family consisted of her father Otto Frank who she called Pim, her mother Edith Frank, and her sister Margot Frank. Anne’s full name was Anneliese Marie Frank, but she preferred just Anne. As a young girl Anne had a normal life and lived in an upper middle-class family. She moved to Amsterdam in 1933 where she attended Sixth Montessori School. She lived a perfectly normal childhood with plenty of friends. But that would all soon…

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  • Otto Frank Biography

    study art history. He also studied economics. A class mate set him up for an internship at the Macy’s Department store in Manhattan, New York. A few weeks after he made it to America his father passed so, he went back home for the funeral. Frank came back to America and spent two years working at Macy’s and then a bank. Otto then returned back to Germany in 1911. He then started working for a company that made window frames. While World War I was going on, Otto Frank worked for a business that…

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  • Anne Frank Research Paper

    strictly Germans and free from other religions such as the Jews. Hitler expressed the way he felt of a “Pure” German race in his book entitled Mein Kamf which translated to My Struggle. Hitler wrote the book while in prison for treason where he predicted a mass extermination of the Jews that would be caused by a European war. At this time when Hitler was announced Chancellor of Germany the Frank family saw that it was time for them to flee Germany. By the fall of 1933 the Frank family packed…

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  • The Influence Of Anne Frank's Diary

    real piece of the Holocaust, not a statistic or horror story, just the raw accounts of what happened through her eyes (Ballweg). With her diary, Anne was able to portray her thoughts and emotions pertaining to the events surrounding the Holocaust so the world can still see it today the way she did. One of the main messages that can be taken from Anne is that there is always hope, even when there seems to be none. The first time Hitler’s influence reached the Frank family was in the summer of…

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