Domestic House Cat Vs. Cats Of The Wild

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Is your furry companion simply a smaller version of their deadly counterpart? According to various research, the cute domestic house cat and the cats of the wild share about 95.6% of their DNA (Ghose). In fact, the house cat retains most behavior fueled by survival instincts given to them by their wild doppelgangers; unchanged by domestication. Despite differences in eye color and pupil shape, the members of this family are indisputably wild hunters no matter their size or environment (“Comparing the Tiger to The Cat.”). The similarities manifesting in both domesticated cats and cats of the wild are visible in their territorial nature, their lengthy sleep habits, and their means of communication.

Without exception, every member of the
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Cats have developed vocal communication, like meows, for the purpose of getting through to the human population. Domesticated cats have learned that in order to receive important things they want they must “talk” to their owner in order to get them to cater to their needs. Cats have various meows depending on what they want, similar to a baby’s cry when they are hungry versus when they are in pain. Big cats also follow this behavior and, if in captivity, will “talk” to the zookeeper or, if in the wild, will use their roar to assert their dominance and warn others. Big cats will show affection with head-bunts as well as blinks. A cat will slowly blink and turn their head in a display of affection toward another animal which illustrates a trusting relationship between the two. This action depicts a sense of confidence because they feel safe closing their eyes in the presence of another which would make them susceptible to be attacked (“Comparing the Tiger to The Cat.”). This display of affection can also be seen in the behavior of house cats. When house cats are comfortable with their human and feel affection towards them they will blink in a similar matter like their wild

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