Compare And Contrast Essay: Dog People Vs. Cat People

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Vanessa Romero
Professor Lyons
English 101
26 October 2017
Dog people vs Cat people There has been an ongoing amount of debates among people stating whether a dog as a pet is better or a cat as a pet is better. One can tell a lot about a person simply by asking just one question; Are you a cat person or a dog person? People who identify as being a dog person are often described as being out going and joyful. Someone who identifies as a cat person can be mostly usually described as being more artistic and more reserved. By asking the question are you a cat person or a dog person? one can already gather up a lot of information from the person based on what they answer. People who like or love dogs more than they do cats often show that they
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Both dog and cats are great to cuddle with. Dog lovers and cat lovers are very similar compared to those who skip the dogs and cats and head straight for the reptiles. People who choose to have a reptile as a pet tend to be more independent than all other pet owners. Dog and cat owners have more of that compassion and affectionate need than those who do not own a cat nor a dog. They also tend to be more dependent on other people and their pets for things such as love, trust, and security. Both dogs and cats love to be playful and enjoy spending time with their owner. It is a myth that cats often stay away from everyone and don’t socialize with those around them. Many cats in fact love to play with toys, not more than a dog would, but they still enjoy a little play …show more content…
If the person is more outgoing and sociable, they would tend to have a dog as a pet most of the time. If the person is more artistic and adventurous, they would most likely enjoy having a cat as a pet rather than a dog. Although these personality traits are present in many dog and cat owners, it is important to note that this is not always the case. There are often times where someone can be very outgoing and cheerful but they prefer to have a cat as a pet. The same thing goes the other way around with dog owners who are more introverted. There are also cases in which dog are often not energetic at all but a cat is. The personality traits taken from the many surveys that have been conducted that have resulted in stating that dog owners are more extroverted then cat owners.

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