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  • Kennel Club Research Paper

    2015. Neutering. [Online]. Blue Cross. Available from: [Accessed on 27th November 2015]. The blue cross website was used to find more out about neutering. The information found on the website was that neutering is a process that stops an animal from reproducing it’s called spaying in females (Blue cross,2015) this can be found on the dogs trust website as well (Dogs Trust, not dated). Blue cross said that this operation is done under anaesthetic; they do mention several advantages to getting your animal neutered/spayed as can be seen in female dogs spaying a female dog will generally reduce the risk of her getting breast cancer and even infections in the…

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  • Spay And Neuter Your Pets Essay

    Should You Spay and Neuter Your Pets? How many offspring are cats able to have in one year? Cats are able to have three litters a year and with possibly 4 to 6 kittens per litter (Burke Connie). I know that might not sound like a lot, but theoretically a cat and her offspring are able to produce an outstanding 420,000 cats in seven years (Burke Connie). Most people have seen stray cats and dogs running around which causes an overpopulation of unwanted pets. Most of them will be euthanized and…

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  • Cause And Effect Of Animal Abuse Essay

    I felt and still do feel like there were a lot of more steps that could of been took before euthanasia. Man’s best friend has been said since the beginning of time with all shapes and sizes of dogs . Dogs and cats should be spayed and neutered instead of euthanized because spaying and neutering saves lives, it expands animal shelters and hospitals services, and it will help stricken laws on animal breeding. A lot of animals that are spayed and neutered and those are the animals people would…

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  • The Effects Of Animal Overpopulation

    The process of ending animal overpopulation will require the whole community coming together and spaying/neutering their pets. Even with the Caldwell shelter advertising, people will still ignore. The new addition to the shelter will begin right away. The goal would be to finish the extra room within a year. The foster system could also be implemented right away. Overall, the process described should begin immediately after accepting the proposal. Results should surface quickly, although the…

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  • Analysis Of Phelps County Animal Welfare League

    animals in Phelps County. The organization is entirely volunteer run and has no paid staff on hand. Phelps County Animal Welfare League supports their spay/neuter initiatives through their voucher program and sponsoring of animals at the Rolla Animal Shelter. PCAWL believes spaying and neutering is vital to the growing population of unwanted animals. Their voucher program focuses on those who cannot otherwise afford to spay and neuter their pets or local strays. They have three categories for…

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  • Pet Overpopulation Research Paper

    Another big myth that stop people from getting their pets fixed is the belief that they will lose their machismo and their protectiveness. This is also only a myth. The only difference between a fixed dog and an intact male dog, is that intact male dogs tend to be more aggressive and have more of a tendency to urinate more frequently. A dogs personality remains intact whether or not the dog still is, his protectiveness will still be there as well because it is in their genetics, not in their…

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  • Homeless Cats

    A crate is needed to place the cat in and to take it to the vet safely, be sure to brief the vet that the cat is a stray. Also inform the vet about any wounds or fleas or any health condition found. The veterinarian will inspect the cat and will be sure to treat it immediately. A feline leukemia test will also done by taking a small sample of blood from the vein, if result turns out to be bad the veterinarian will execute some antibiotics and will ask the owner to put an appointment for…

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  • Persuasive Adoption Shelter Speech

    Like Nala’s owner, you should not hesitant and avoid adopting a shelter pet. (Transition: So why you should adopt a pet from a shelter?) BODY: I. Adoption helps stop pet overpopulation. A. There are too many animals and not enough homes. 1. For example, Selangor Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA Selangor) receives over a thousand animals each month. 2. Some animals are found wandering as strays, and some are surrendered by their owners who cannot, or no longer want to,…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Overpopulation Of Dogs

    domestic dog does not add to the overpopulation. Animal shelters try to reduce the problem of unwanted pets by promoting spay and neuter programs, adoptions, and unfortunately, euthanasia if that is the only option (Sexton). Although shelters are left with ultimately no choice, concern is growing regarding the number of pets euthanized every year. However, at one time, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals stated that 96 percent of dogs taken to facilities were euthanized…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Dog Of My Own

    finger down the white stripe on her face and played with her cute little rolls . My brother actually liked the other puppy my mom brought home and named her Niko. I couldn 't believe my mom bought us dogs, both of us and we already had two. That same night my brother went out and bought a kennel for our new fur babies and some puppy pads. I slept with both puppies that night. My brother and I made an agreement with our mom that we would split the costs for food and supplies. They grew so fast…

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