Spay And Neuter Your Pets Essay

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Should You Spay and Neuter Your Pets? How many offspring are cats able to have in one year? Cats are able to have three litters a year and with possibly 4 to 6 kittens per litter (Burke Connie). I know that might not sound like a lot, but theoretically a cat and her offspring are able to produce an outstanding 420,000 cats in seven years (Burke Connie). Most people have seen stray cats and dogs running around which causes an overpopulation of unwanted pets. Most of them will be euthanized and that creates a problem, but one that’s easily solved by spaying and neutering your pets. With low cost spay and neuter clinics available there’s no excuse not to fix your pet.
What is spaying and neuter you may ask and why should you care? Spaying is
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Simple because of cost or because of a lack of understanding of the problem that is overpopulation of pets. With an overwhelming amount of reasons to spay and neuter your pet that include lower risk of cancer and a healthier life for your pet, there’s little reason not to. And with cheap spay and neuter clinics veterinarians are willing to work cheaply to help solve the problem. There are people who say you shouldn’t spay and neuter your pets, stating it’s inhumane while not fully understanding the …show more content…
Basically for the most part pets that haven’t ben spayed or neuter have more of a risk of developing cancer than pets that have been. And although it doesn’t prolong their life it definitely helps them live a better one. And 90% of breast tumors in cats are malignant which means their dangerous (Claiborne Ray). But if most Veterinarians agree and most experts that pets should be fixed, there are always a few that don’t believe pets should be fixed. Unfortually there are the myths that people will still say to this day that are simple not true about spaying and neuter your pets like: they become lazy which by the way could be solved by keeping your pet active. If you’re not able to walk your dog or give your dog exercise should you really have

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