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  • Animal Shelter Observation

    are taken to a shelter to give up for adoption, that’s where my curiosity started and I wanted to investigate more about it . An Animal Shelter can also be known as a pound, regardless that’s where a lot of animals whether they are hurt or not are taken care of. When I think about Animal Shelter I think of that commercial on t.v that puts sad music and seeing all the animals sad and neglected by everyone. Stepping into an Animal Shelter can be very heart breaking. The first thing you can hear are dogs whining, barking, and other animals calling for attention…

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  • Euthanizing Animal Shelters

    are now seeing posts on social media that cry out for our help to end the euthanizing of dogs and cats in shelters in the nation. A specific post may come to mind; the one where euthanizing dogs are lined up in the hallway of a shelter, those dogs being the ones euthanized only that day. Earlier this month, a lady by the name of Vanessa took her female pit bull, Patty, to the Petersburg, VA Animal Shelter hoping to help give her dog a better life by the possibility of adoption or the shelter…

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  • Persuasive Animal Shelter

    Each year 2.7 million animals are put down in shelters, because nobody adopts them or they have something wrong with them that the shelter can't afford. Have you ever gone with the "adopt don't shop" method? There are many benefits when it comes to adopting an animal from the shelter. More than likely, if you get a puppy from a pet store they are from a puppy mill. Which is a dog farm that breeds dogs constantly. That is why I believe that you should adopt animals from shelters, and not purchase…

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  • Shelter Vs Animal Adoption

    In the future, decisions to acquire an animal may arise. Bringing home a loving pet has two options adoption from a shelter or rescue, or purchasing an animal from a breeder or a pet shop. Although a breeder may have plenty of purebreds, adopting should be the preferred option. When one chooses a specific animal like a cat or dog from a shelter, information about the chosen animal may not be known prior to adopting, like the breed and unknown health problems. Saving the life of an animal from a…

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  • Over Crowding In Animal Shelters

    variation of studies have been conducted to show the rise if unadopted animals, and over- crowding in animal shelters. One author writes about how despite the workers best intentions most animals do not get adopted Turner, Berry, and MacDonald (2012). However, Fournier (2004) suggest animals show human like behaviors and with training humans will be more likely to adopt sheltered animals. Therefor, preventing a further surplus in unadopted animals. Belpedio (2010) shows studies how animals…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Animal Shelter

    you like animals? The animal shelter is running dangerously low on food and other supplies they need to take care of its animals. Volunteers at the shelter are very worried about what will happen to the animals if the shelter runs out of supplies. Would you please help by giving money, supplies that we need. If the animals do not get there food they will starve and get really sickly looking and no one will want them. The terms “humane society” and “SPCA” are generic; shelters using those names…

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  • Animal Health Technician In A Shelter

    The role of a Animal Health Technician in a shelter The animal health team and that of the adoption/foster home services are often called upon to work together. To better understand the role of an AHT in a shelter, here is a brief description of the job and duties. Animal Vaccination Every animal that arrives at the shelter must be examined by an AHT, if the animal’s behaviour allows it. The examination takes place preferably on the day of arrival, but on busy days it can be delayed.…

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  • AWSOM Animal Shelter Reflection Paper

    Community Service at AWSOM Animal Shelter Volunteering at an animal shelter can get messy fast. Between muddy paws, spilled food, and stray animals, there is always something to do. Over the summer I was able to give my time to the AWSOM animal shelter and help homeless animals. I learned a lot about AWSOM’s history and how it came to be. Also, I was able to experience and help with a multitude of activities and see firsthand how many unwanted pets there truly are. Throughout my time…

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  • Animal Shelter And Animal Welfare Summary

    “Animal Shelters and Animal Welfare: Raising the Bar.” By Patricia Turner (Professor in animal services); Jim Berry (Veterinarian); and Shelagh MacDonald (Federation of Humane Societies) discusses the ongoing crisis of animal overpopulation of shelters effecting Animal Welfare. Turner, Berry, and Macdonald make valid arguments with facts and research to back them up throughout the article. The authors state there are eight million animals entered into shelters yearly in the United States, out of…

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  • Animal Shelter Persuasive Essay

    What would happen to the animals if they run out of supplies? Will they die of hunger? Or will they attack one of the volunteers that have helped them? None of the volunteers know and neither do the animals. All the animals know is if they’re hungry then they have to find a way to eat. So would it kill a single person to donate some dog food, water, or money so they do not put the animals in a spot where it is either kill or be killed? If people do not donate food then the animals will end up…

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