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  • Speech On Being A Veterinarian

    Being a Veterinarian can be fun, yet difficult. The Veterinary practice is a growing field of work, with a crazy history behind it, beginning with basic horses, to exotic animals now. Although, the road to becoming a Veterinarian can prove to be a big challenge, the real challenge began early on in history, when the transition from just horses, to many companion animals was taking place. Although the earliest traces of Veterinary work has been traced all the way back to 3000 B.C., to a person named Urlugaledinna. Urlugaledinna was considered an expert at healing horses, which is where the focus of Veterinary work originated. Horses remained the focus for many years. The official beginning of the Veterinary practice is said to have started…

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  • The Challenges Of Being A Veterinarian

    began to treat their pets as part of the family. The field of veterinarians is growing scientifically and technologically as they become more into demand. Veterinarians must care about animals, but they must also separate themselves from their patients, which makes their job so difficult. Many other types of medical doctors may claim that veterinarians are not real doctors, but they do not fully realize the difficulty of having to know the medical history of more than one species. Working with…

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  • The Life Of Becoming A Veterinarian

    For as long as I can remember I 've always dreamed of becoming a Veterinarian. A Veterinarian is a doctor that specializes in treating injured and diseased animals. As a child, I had a profound love for animals and was always concerned about their health and safety. It all began flipping through channels when I happened to stumble upon Animal Planet 's television show “Animal Cops.” This show depicted the reality of animal cruelty and left me feeling heartbroken every time it disclosed the…

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  • Veterinarian Essay

    The average income of veterinarians in private practice was $57,500 in 1995. The starting salary of a veterinarian is somewhere around $23,000 per year nowadays. But veterinarians in more established careers make around $40,000-$60,000. But those who work for the federal government (meat inspectors) are considered to make less. Veterinarians also require much more education to be what they are. There are 27 colleges in 26 states that meet veterinary medicine accreditation standards. The…

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  • Wildlife Veterinarian

    field, these challenges are mitigated by the rewards of a diverse, dynamic, and incredibly hands-on job. One of the wildlife veterinarian employers in Western Canada is the Calgary Zoological Society, commonly called the Calgary Zoo, which participates in a variety of conservation work in Alberta (Calgary Zoological Society, 2015 a). Wildlife Veterinarians Responsibilities and Challenges All Veterinarians A veterinarian’s key role…

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  • Becoming A Veterinarian Assistant Essay

    does it take to become a veterinarian assistant? In this essay, it will explain on how to become a veterinarian assistant, the ups and downs of the job, and it will elucidate the specifics of what being a veterinarian assistant is. Being surrounded by cute furry friends is what happiness in a job is. Pursuing in the vet assistant world is what every animal lover should try. How do you become a veterinarian assistant? The education required to become a vet assistant is a high school diploma/…

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  • A Career As A Veterinarian

    Veterinarians: A career as a veterinarian, an educated person who treats diseased or injured animals, is a job I wish to pursue because I want to help the suffering. Would you jump at the opportunity for a fast paced career? What if I told you that you could receive a degree in as little as four years? Before I had animals of my own I was fascinated about becoming a veterinarian. I have always wanted to have my own sense of purpose. I became interested in this career after my cat was hit by a…

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  • Benefits To Be A Veterinarian

    With the growing job outlook for veterinarians, there are many benefits of choosing this occupation. Vets get great medical, dental and vision coverage (veterinarian salary & benefits information). Veterinarians receive paid sick leave and a paid vacation of two-four weeks. Over the next ten years, there is a positive outlook of over twelve percent growth (veterinarian salary & benefits information). The whole purpose of being a veterinarian is to work with animals and bring them back to health;…

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  • Career As An Aquatic Veterinarian

    When I was a little girl I owned a toy doctor’s kit and I would pretend to be a veterinarian around my house. We had three dogs and seven horses and I loved to pretend they were my patients and that their lives depended on me to save them. I always found myself watching Animal Planet and other shows that rescued and rehabilitated wildlife. Eventually I had decided that marine animals was the path I wanted to take, I became infatuated with watching shows that rescued dolphins, sea lions, and…

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  • How To Become A Veterinarian?

    Despite veterinarians work to help animals, some clients can’t afford pet care. Veterinary medicine is best understood as a way to help animals in need because it allows different animals to become healthy after treatment. One of the most beneficial reasons to become a veterinarian is the gift to promote the health and welfare of patients. To have the ability to relieve the suffering of animals that have endured traumatizing injuries or diseases would be amazing. Helping animals on a daily…

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