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  • Person Centered Therapy Reflection

    Out of all the theories we’ve covered through the course of the semester. Person-centered therapy has managed to capture my attention the most, and here’s why. Trust is something that’s automatically given to the client who is seen as the sole contributor of being able to solve his or her own problems without the assistance of direct intervention. Now, when I first heard of this therapy I immediately thought. “So, what exactly does the therapist do again?” It turns out that the therapist’s job is to provide an atmosphere that is supportive, caring, nonjudgmental, and understanding. Without these things, change is unlikely happen. So according to Carl Rogers, there are three attributes that the therapist must apply in order to create a climate that promotes self- growth, and these things are: congruence, unconditional positive regard, and accurate empathic understanding. These three things are to insure that the client will become the best that they can be. There are so many things in life to which we feel like there are things beyond our control. This is probably the reason why this therapy resonates with me so well. Before I chose willingly to become a Psych major, I was majoring (unhappily I might add) in Biomedicine with the fear of disappointing my parents/family. Yes this was a major I had eventually chosen, but only because my first choice was guaranteed in not being able to support me financially, or so I was told. I struggled internally for years and told no one, and…

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  • Joy: The Emotional Journey Of Pixar

    (Mindy Kaling) are formed in her mind, each emotion create different colors of memories in a ball, which power the islands in her mind. Every emotion navigate Riley in different incidents occurring in her life. Things get weary when her family move from Minnesota to San Francisco. Riley face problems as the emotion fails to navigate her through new city, house, and school. img2 The evolution of characters here seem new, but let me tell you that personalities of the five emotions were inspired…

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