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  • Etruscan Mirrors Vs Cloud Gate Analysis

    to create the handle, into a curved line making the circle convex mirror. We can infer that the texture of the Etruscan mirrors where smooth on the handle and edges, with the rough engraved depictions on the back. It’s hard to argue the color of the Mirrors as they were cast in bronze, meaning a variety of metallic colors between orange and brown to see an Etruscan mirror now, you would see a range of light and dark greens due to chemical reactions of the copper alloys within the bronze metal. Transitioning to the next piece of Art the Cloud Gate a very original work of art by the British visionary Anish Kapoor unveiled in 2005 the Cloud Gate was worked on extensively and had many phases of work costing 20+ million dollars. Though located in Millennium Park, Chicago Illinois, The Cloud Gate was created in California. An example of just how long the Cloud Gate took to create. “Kapoor selected Performance Structures Inc. of Oakland, California, to fabricate Cloud Gate. The process took three years. Originally, PSI planned to assemble the entire object and ship it—via two oceans, the Panama Canal, the St. Lawrence Seaway, and Lake Michigan—to Chicago, but this was deemed unfeasible. So the company created a series of plates up to 7 feet wide, 11 feet long, and as heavy as 1500 pounds for another firm to assemble in Millennium Park.” (Keppler) Illustrating the massive size of the Cloud Gate, each piece as stated above was as heavy as 1500 pounds! That’s incredible. In addition…

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  • Persuasive Essay For Summer Vacation

    possible and the whole idea is so thrilling that on reading this you might go ahead and book your tickets for a night out at the Park. Slide – ArcelorMittal Orbit Slides were our favourite playthings in our playgrounds, but as we grew up we could neither fit into them nor have the audacity to let our inner child out in the front. This is an amazing and beautiful landmark in the city of London, if you happen to stay at London Best Restaurants be rest assured your tour guide or the people at the…

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  • Do We Gain From The Arts

    Throughout the essay I will be trying to make claims regarding arts and natural science about what kind of knowledge is gained from them by focusing on arts. Artistic knowledge is subjective (emotional to feelings and bias) to interpretation of the viewer provided the context. The knowledge gained from the arts is to large extent dependent on individual interpretation rather than a collective objective truth. In reality the intention of the artist is totally irrelevant and what is primary or…

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