Free Argumentative Essays: Neutered Cats And Obesity

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Jimmy Nguyen
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Kennedy Nancy
Neutered Cats and Obesity Domestication of cats is a double edged sword. While befriending humans provides cats with an abundant source of food, the cats had to sacrifice and abide by our rules if they were to attain food. An example that displays these rules humans create is neutering. Neutering is an idea that is hard to grasp by pet lovers. Nevertheless, neutering drastically helps in maintaining a pet in the living conditions that pet owners seek acceptable. Life with a neutered cat trumps life with a non-neutered cat because of all the complications that entails with an intact cat. Complications including random kittens being born, diseases, or spraying. More often than so, avoiding these problems will make owning a cat much easier. Life with a neutered cat will still present its challenges as well. A certain challenge following neutering is obesity. The occurrence of obesity is quite common. Given that, developing an understanding as to what is initiating cats to become overweight is important. If not, without the management of regulating the cats diet daily will lead to further predicaments in the cat’s health. Thus, my research so far discloses reasons and concerns that could ultimately be causing obesity in
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Increased food intake is confirmed to be true and a main culprit. The extent of increased food intake would vary between each cat. The use of drugs would be beneficial if obesity would be too much of a concern. An experiment tested whether oestradiol or genistein would have an effect in prevent the increase in food intake and body fat mass in both male and female cats following gonadectomy (Cave 401). These applicable drugs would relieve of the concern of increased food intake and help better cat’s health. Looking at the data, it was apparent

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