The Psychological Aspects Of Anorexia Nervosa And Obesity

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Obesity is very common medical condition what is resulted by consuming a high amount of calories and doing a limited amount of physical activities. In 21st century we have experienced a rapid growth in obesity and it has now become a serious problem .It has become more common as our lifestyle has changed and it became more and more comfortable. We are not forced to do any physical effort in order to survive. Nowadays, people travel to work in a comfortable car, spend all day on a chair in an office behind computers, having high fat snack during the day. After work we spend our evenings on a sofa. This lifestyle, with limited physical activities, in combination with the biological factors often leads to obesity. Obesity affects mainly people …show more content…
Having restriction of food intake often leads to complex psychic diseases like anorexia nervosa.
Anorexia nervosa belongs to one of the most common and dangerous psychological disorders, it has the highest death rates than any other mental illness. But what causes so complex eating disorder and are anorexia nervosa and obesity so different. Can obesity and anorexia nervosa be genetically predisposed. Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated due to unhealthy and enormous calories intake and it usually has a negative effect on health. To start with, It increases the risk of many physical and mental conditions and reduces life expectancy on averages to six to seven years. Obesity is the result of an interaction between biological and environmental factors. There is only a few cases of obesity which are primarily caused by genes, endocrine disorder, medications or psychiatric illness. Obesity genes, make it more difficult to lose weight. This is a result of a large appetite and it usually comes from parents. Researches shows that 80% of children of two obese parents are also obese. There is no doubt that
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Anorexia nervosa is a complex psychiatric eating disorder characterized by combination of restricted amount of consumed food, self- induced vomiting, laxative abuse and excessive exercising that can contribute to excessive weight loss and psychologically to a fear of being fat. Anorexia nervosa is often about having a twisted self image, what might be controlled by cognitive biases which affect how an individual thinks about their body shape and weight. People with anorexia nervosa usually see themselves as over weight and wish to lose some weight although most of the time they are already underweight and they keep self -starving. The lack of the nutrition often leads to complications in major organ within the body. The exact cause of anorexia nervosa is not known. Bur the researches suggests, that a combination of certain personality traits, emotions and thinking patterns, as well as biological and environmental factors might be responsible. Even though anorexia does not affect males as often as females, studies have shown that males with a female twin have a higher chance of getting anorexia. Therefore anorexia nervosa may be linked to intrauterine exposure to female

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