Argumentative Essay About Obesity

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Our world, due to various reasons, is filled with all types of diseases. The latest of them all is the one called obesity. This word is presently the talking point of people all around the globe. Rising obesity rates have now become a major public health concern around the world. Prolonged obesity has implications for health at older ages, and these health effects may increase the costs of health care for individuals and governments. Obesity is not only prevalent in affluent nations, but also in developing countries. It is sometimes really very frightening to see the multitudes who are so badly 'out of shape ' moving around in luxury cars. One sometimes wonders how a person could possibly get to that size. In fact, today we can even see young …show more content…
Popkin 's book 'The World is Fat ', published in December 2008, there are 1.3 billion overweight people in comparison to only 800 million who are underweight. He has attributed this to the easy access to cheaper food. It is indeed mindless to deny the fact that more and more people including children now ingest far more calories than they can spend in a day. It is absolutely true to say that urbanization is one of the main culprits for the rise in obesity. Another reason is the development of technology. Look at the number of electronic gadgets around us. In very few years ago my peoplesused to walk all the way to the post office to post a letter to a relative or friend, and now? We needn 't budge an inch; only pick up the phone and start an instant conversation. Looking at the WHO fact sheet, there were more that 40 million children under the age of five, who were either overweight or obese in 2012. This means that more than 10% of the adults all over the world were obese in 2008. In fact, since many people seem to view the disease as a fashion, where they say it is a sign of prosperity. It is very strange but true that obesity carries a social stigma and the public does not want to try and understand its negative social, economic, and health …show more content…
However, it has severe impacts hence the need to establish sustainable prevention measures. Obesity causes health complication especially those that are related to blood circulation. Due to this, the arteries get blocked, thereby causing a hindrance to the blood flow to the heart, leading to a stroke and even death. Moreover, obesity distorts people 's physical appearance and posture. Stigmatization is also a significant effect of obesity in the modern world. People suffering from the condition particularly children are discriminated for being overweight. Lastly, obesity strains body organs hence lowering people 's physical and mental performance. Some of the other noticeable effects are high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, psychosocial effects, cancer, sleep apnea and respiratory problems, joint problems, including

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