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  • Personal Essay On Nevada

    NEVADA I chose Nevada because my grandparents live in Nevada. Nevada was the 36th state to join the Union. Nevada joined the Union on 1864 October 31. The Nevadan state nickname is Silver State. Nevada's birthday is on October 31. Major places in Nevada Nevada’s capital is Carson City. The Nevada state motto is Battle Born and All For Our Country. Some neighboring states are California, Arizona, and Utah. One major river is the Colorado River. One major geographical feature is the Hoover Dam. Economics The population is 2,790,136. One quarter of the population are farmers. Many people work at casinos. Agriculture includes planting and farming. Some tourist attractions include the Hoover Dam, Fremont Street Experience and Golden…

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  • Characteristics Of Nevada, An Individualistic State

    When Daniel Elazar published his work on state political culture Nevada was an Individualistic state, and still is today. A state that is considered Individualistic has the following characteristics: government is viewed as an extension of the marketplace, government provides people with services they want, but do not interfere with the people’s private lives, politics are ran like a business, and the politicians are well-paid business men and women (Smith and Greenblatt 14). Nevada is an…

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  • Nevada Swot Analysis Paper

    For strength part, because of location of Nevada, it has good renewable energy, such as geothermal energy, solar energy, and wind energy, and excellent physical recourses, like . There are lots of entertainment and recreation, such as all kind of luxury hotel, shopping mall, restaurant, and the most famous casino. Over the 5 years ending in 2015, the Nevada economy grew by 6.44% at a compound annual growth rate of 1.26% per year. For weakness part. Because of the geographic location and…

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  • A. B. 361 Case Study

    billing or credit information and (2) to speak to a natural person as opposed to an automated telephone system. Another provision of the bill would change the font size and style for the expiration date of a gift certificate offer from the current 10 point font to a 12 point bold font. A.B. 359 was presented by Assemblyman Thompson. The purpose of the bill is to exempt non profit entity who enter into a contract with the state of Nevada from having to “maintain or repair property” and who…

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  • Las Vegas Financing Case Study

    Each year, men, women, and families travel to the brilliant and exciting city of Las Vegas, Nevada. The city has much to offer, including lots of trouble. Whether people travel for business or pleasure, there are often times when the ending of the trip is formidable. When this happens, it is very important to know what to look for when choosing an attorney and a Las Vegas bail bondsman. There are hundreds of bondsmen in Las Vegas. Each one is different from the others. They offer a different…

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  • Gambling Essay

    debate. The amount of jobs created from one casino can help lower the unemployment levels of the state. The construction alone opens up hundreds of jobs into the job market. After casinos are built then comes the employment of the multiple services offered. Recently an article was released about the plans to construct a shopping mall at the Foxwoods Casino located in Connecticut. “The 300,000-square-foot mall will provide 900 full- and part-time jobs, drawing from an employment market that…

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  • Life Among The Piutes By Sarah Winnemucca Analysis

    early interaction Winnemucca learned English and how the whites behaved, and how they pitied her and her people. Winnemucca’s grandfather seemed ecstatic that his “white brothers” had arrived. He must have known that whites would arrive sooner or later. In the early days all things seemed to be peaceful but it would not stay this way. During following interactions with settlers and explores her grandfather was given the name of “Captain Truckee” by General Freemont. Winnemucca explains where…

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  • Research Paper On Las Vegas

    Given the opportunity to travel anywhere, it shall definitely be Las Vegas. It has so many amazing attractions, restaurants, and hotels to choose from. Bali Hai Golf Club is a very pleasing and relaxing place to spend your time at while visiting Las Vegas. Alize has amazing enjoyable food that will make you want to keep coming back for more. Caesars Palace is a very luxurious and beautiful hotel to stay at with amazing service. One of the most luxurious and fascinating cities is Las Vegas,…

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  • Las Vegas Case Study Essay

    STUDY CASE 18 ARTICLE’ NAME : Las Vegas, Nevada, USA AUTHOR : John Swarbrooke and Susan Horner 1.0 SUMMARY OVERVIEW Las Vegas, Nevada , USA was well known as a place of gambling center around the world. Las vegas in other word was called“The Meadows” in Spanish known as being an oasis-like valley because attracted Spanish travellers on their own way Los Angeles during the gold rush. Based on my reading, Las Vegas Convention and Visitor Authority information stated that reason for visiting…

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  • A Short Summariety Checkpointss In Las Vegas

    want you to understand who, what, and how we are all affected by this Las Vegas issues that is increasing rapidly. On a daily basis while watching the TV or roaming on Facebook we see articles from news stations saying “One killed after jaywalking”, “One killed by a hit-and-run.” It’s a sad truth that Valley residents must live with. The Las Vegas Metro Police Traffic Bureau says that within the first 146 days of 2015 there was 43 traffic fatalities which 16 pedestrians were involved. The death…

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