Essay On Cats Kneading

Cats Kneading:
Kneading is the one of the most common behavior of the domestic cats. Kneading is basic trait of the cats that develop during the early age. Cats are the caring and interesting creatures. Kneading is their way of showing love and affection. Normally, cats knead to express their happiness and emotions, it is the source of complete contentment.
What is Kneading?
 Kneading is the rhythmic motion which cats make with their paws by pushing in and out, alternating between left and right.
 Cats Perform Kneading on soft and comfy surface such as pillow, a comforter or on the lap of another cat/kitten or humans.
 During Kneading Cats nearly goes to the trance like state.
 Kneading is often referred as making biscuits and Kneading
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Why cats knead?
There is no scientific explanation to the query what reason behind the cats kneading, luckily there wide spread theories which exist in numbers, which explores the insight the kneading in order to understand the behavior of cats.
Reason of kneading:
There could be many reason why cats develop the habit of kneading:
Emotional attachment:
 One of the many reasons of the kneading can be tracked back from the kittenhood. In order to grow up kitten have to nurse their mother to get the life sustaining milk.
 To ensure the free and smooth flow of the milk kitten stimulates mother’s teats.
 Since, these movements result in the fulfillment of the needs of the kitten, it become a habit.
 While growing up this behavior become so natural that kitten transfer it from one place to another and also in other things in the hope of getting better things. A way to express feelings
 Kneading defines the comforting action of the cats as it occurs during the time of happiness and joy. While kneading cats express their feelings by showing contentment.
 It is widely observed that, it would be quite unusual a cat stop kneading with paws while feeling threatened or

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