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  • Domestic House Cat Vs. Cats Of The Wild

    companion simply a smaller version of their deadly counterpart? According to various research, the cute domestic house cat and the cats of the wild share about 95.6% of their DNA (Ghose). In fact, the house cat retains most behavior fueled by survival instincts given to them by their wild doppelgangers; unchanged by domestication. Despite differences in eye color and pupil shape, the members of this family are indisputably wild hunters no matter their size or environment (“Comparing the Tiger to The Cat.”). The similarities manifesting in both domesticated cats and cats of the wild are visible in their territorial nature, their lengthy sleep habits, and their means of communication. Without exception, every member of the…

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  • The Importance Of Animal Adoption

    Owner of a communication and design firm in Chennai, Smita Rajagopal feels that bringing pets to office inspires employees to think out of the box. Allwin Agnel, CEO of Pagalguy, a popular educational website, brings his pet cat named Abhirami to office. They also have an office cat called PG Ginger (PG stands for Pagalguy) who has apparently helped the workers to be more ‘patient’ and ‘compassionate’. Famous souvenir store Chumbak is equally crazy about animals. With its in-house Labrador Hugo…

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  • Trait-Factor According To Parsons's Personality Types

    Trait- Factor (Parsons) As a person, my qualities involve empathy, sympathy, compassion, and caring for those in hardship. Through my upbringing, I took an interest aiding to animals, such for dogs, cats, and fish, who were neglected. At age ten-years-old, I rescued an orange cat by the name of Ginger. Ginger became the best furry friend, as a result animal rescue became my life calling. Since, I was/am caring and loving, I explored professions relating to aiding others. According to Parsons,…

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  • Service Dogs

    There’s nothing better than coming home to see the happy wag of your pup’s tail or hear the smooth purr of a cat. Some of these pets have a job though; they lead the blind, locate objects, open doors, and can even sniff out bombs while working with the police. However, these friendly faces are not just pets, they are service animals. A service animal is defined as follows, “Dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities” (Service Animals). This one…

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  • Compare And Contrast Nutrish And Sheba

    Nutrish and Sheba are two different ads promoting their brand of cat food in the Southern Living magazine. Although both companies are advertising the same kind of product and target cat owners, each one targets a specific type of cat owner. The Nutrish ad focuses more on the healthy part of a cat’s diet. Nutrish targets those cat owners who want the healthiest meal for their cat or cats. The Sheba cat food focuses more on what the cat will love or what tastes the best to them. Sheba targets…

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  • Mistakes In A Good Man Is Hard To Find

    Misfit she tried to connect with him. She told him, “I know you 're a good man” and “I know you come from nice people!” (O’Connor 413). She even asked him questions like “Do you ever pray”, and tried convincing him “Jesus would help [him]” (O’Connor 415-416). After chatting with The Misfit, it wasn 't until the grandma made the mistake of saying “Why you 're one of my babies. You 're one of my own children!” that triggered him to shoot her. The grandma made the mistake of getting too personal…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Cats

    When you are a cat owner, you become a cat lover for life. Your pet cats become your friends and they become involved in every aspect of your life. They snuggle with you at night and love you during the day. They have their favorite toys and soak up rays of sunshine while you work. They're equal parts loving and independent companions, which makes them such popular pets. Cats are absolutely nice pets to have around the house. Indeed having cats as pets give happiness to the family but as pet…

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  • Compare And Contrast Essay On Dogs Vs Cats

    Cats or dogs? Do you think that cats or dogs are better? Either one of them are great household pets...but I think dogs are better, your about to find out why. Some people might believe that cats are better than dogs but it could be argued that dogs are better. My first reason is cats always claw onto you furniture and...they just ruin couches clothes and many other things, one time I had a cat and when i came home cotton was everywhere and you don’t wanna…

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  • My Cat Pluto: A Short Story

    As I stood there silently and unsteadily I have no idea what i just have done I hung my cat pluto. Why must I lash out and do actions like this. I leave the room and while i'm walking out of the room to the bar to get a drink I yell at my wife to be quiet and go do something slamming the door behind me. As i'm walking down the street to the bar I see this stray cat pondering down the avenue. As I try to walk up to it I realized its eye is missing and I immediately think of pluto as I storm away…

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  • Differences Between Of Mice And Men

    In the movie, “Of Mice and Men” Weed was very different than the one in the novel. First and foremost, the lady in the red dress chased Lennie and George; the book did not portray it that way. The men were also chasing Lennie and George. I believe the director chose to do it this way because it brings action, and it also makes it more interesting it. Also it is the beginning of the story, so he possibly may have wanted to add an attention grabber to draw you in. It does not change the story only…

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