Mere Christianity Chapter Summary

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Book three of Mere Christianity includes twelve chapters that all relate to human Behavior. Chapter one discusses the three parts of mortality. The three parts of mortality, defined by C.S. Lewis are harmony among people, cleaning up the harmony within the individual, and the purpose of life for a human being. Chapter two addresses the Cardinal Virtues which are prudence, temperance, justice and fortitude. Chapter three talks about social morality, and within this chapter he touches on the importance of charity. Chapter four covers morality and psychoanalysis. This chapter discusses how sin affects human nature and how the right direction not only leads to peace but also knowledge. Chapter five discussed sexual morality. This chapter compared …show more content…
The topics of sexual immorality and Christian marriage hit home with me. I think the reason why the chapter on sexual immorality hit home with me was because I feel like abstinence in today’s society seems to be harder and harder to find. Growing up in Wheaton, Illinois, it was normal for you to save yourself until marriage, but when I came to college I found that many people believers and non-believers do not share that same belief. I think hearing C.S Lewis talk about sexual morality also intrigued me because it made me realizes that churches today do not really address the topic. It seems that they glaze over the topic and then move on which bothers me because God intended for sex to be good. The reason why sex is not viewed as a good thing anymore is because the culture we live in today has taken away that. The other chapter that really captured my attention is Christian marriage. The entire time I was reading this chapter I kept thinking of my parents. I hope one day to have half the marriage that they have. I just thought it was interesting the way Lewis addressed marriage as a binding together by a love that is almost unexplainable. It is not only a legal contract but also a devotion to the other person and a unity of that relationship emotionally and physically. The reading this round sparked my interest more than last round and it seemed to do the same to my

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