Analysis Of The Little Prisoner By Jane Elliott

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The Little Prisoner by Jane Elliott
This book was a powerful if not over powering story of a child whose step father abused her on every level of abuse; physical, mental, sexual, and emotional. The author of this book Jane, a pseudonym for the actual child, made the book come full circle. It started in the court room and was brought back to that pivotal moment when she is forced to face her attacker as an adult. It shows the reader the reaction of someone who clearly has no understanding the effects the child abuse Jane endured because the officer treated her like she was overreacting. By brining the story full circle it is giving the readers hope that what this little girl was going trough she was going to be able to over come making
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It goes into great detail making it hard for the reader to detach themselves from the book. The author ingrains the images in your head making it hard to not feel for Jane and what she is going through. As a reader you want to stop what is going on but you can’t and you have to just keep reading, hoping that it will get better eventually. This book gives insight into how children who are being abused have a fear of telling others because they are afraid of the consequences of their actions. Jane was afraid of what would happen to her brothers and her mother if she told anybody. Although it is not a fear of Jane, some children who are abused are afraid to say anything because it is the only home they have ever known any other family and don’t want to be taken away from their family no matter how bad it is. To me this book shows how child abuse could be going on under our very nose and we possibly could miss it. Granted in this day and age we are more trained to look for it and DFS if not as prone to be scared off as in the book, but still unless the child feels comfortable speaking out sometimes it can be difficult to pin point. Today if DFS gets the smallest hint that there is child abuse going on then DFS will show up at a house with the police in tow all hours of the night. The safety of children is the most important anymore and DFS does not waste anytime making sure they are safe and doe not let any road blocks in the way. …show more content…
I felt sick the whole time I read it and cried most of the way thorough this book. If it wasn’t for this assignment I would have stopped at the first encounter. I debated going to another book on the list, but I figured the others would probably not be any better so I pushed thorough. I don’t know that this book changed my way of thinking. Unfortunately I was a victim of sexual abuse where nobody ever believed me and I know someone who was accused who I know was innocent. I have been in unique situations to be apart of situations like this whether I wanted to be or not. I am always careful around children and make sure other adults and children who might be susceptible around me are as well because I don’t was to see a child abused also I don’t want to see an adult or anybody for that matter unjustly accused.. If I were a character in this book I would probably be in jail because if Jane was my daughter I would have taken her and the boys and ran. If the authorities did not do anything to protect me and my children then I would have been forced to take matters into my own hands to protect my children. I believe it is up to a parent to protect their children and if their partner is harming them in anyway they need to remove the adult out of the situation by wither asking them to leave or calling the police depending on the level of abuse. If that does not

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