Influenza-like illness

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  • Canine Influenza Research Paper

    Canine influenza, or CIV for short, is an emerging pathogen that produces an acute respiratory infection in dogs. Originally, the hosts of the influenza virus were equine and avian animals who then passed the virus onto canines (Wang et al. 1). It is highly contagious and has two main causative strains. The H3N2 strain comes from avian animals, and the H3N8 strain comes from equine animals. The H3N2 strain of CIV first appeared in a limited capacity in 2007 in Asia until 2015, when it made its first appearance in the United States. Since its first appearance in Chicago, the H3N2 strain has spread to thousands of dogs in the United States. The canine influenza strain, H3N8, first materialized in equine animals almost 40 years ago, but…

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  • Like Emoticon Analysis

    This picture of a “like emoticon” from Facebook has a quote stating “Your likes can hurt someone’s feelings, Use your likes wisely” This is automatically targeting people who are bullied on Facebook. As social media becomes more and more a part of our generation, new ways of bullying occur as well. The ad uses all logos and how they use it, is by saying a like on Facebook is one of the causes of cyberbullying and that liking a certain post can hurt someone’s feelings. My goal is to shed a deeper…

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  • Rapid Diagnostic Testing For Influenza

    Influenza is a highly contagious respiratory infection caused by the influenza virus. The illness can range from mild to severe, and can infect people of all ages, races, genders, and sizes. Generally, the illness is not life threatening in most people, but certain groups are at higher risk of requiring hospitalization or even dying from influenza. These at-risk groups of people include young children, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems. The CDC estimated that there were “25…

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  • Btec Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 1 P2

    Influenza Influenza is a respiratory virus that is contagious and can be very serious for elderly patients, those over 65 years of age. It can also be very dangerous for the very young of age. There are three types of flu viruses - influenza A, influenza B, and influenza C. Types A and B viruses cause seasonal epidemics which hit the U.S. and Europe essentially every winter. They may hit later in the season, but are generally seen in the winter. The type C influenza virus causes mild respiratory…

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  • The Spanish Influenza Epidemic

    downhill. The Spanish Influenza broke out in the United States, causing the worst epidemic the country has ever known, even to this day. This disease was known to be so deadly for having “...killed more people in 24 hours than AIDS had in 24 years, and more in a year than the Black Death killed in a century” (Billings). This illness annihilated 50 million…

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  • Case 53 Influenza Case Study Answers

    Case 53: Influenza Questions and activities: 1. First of all, he should take Tylenol extra strenght but the dose doesnt exceed than 2 caplets every six hours, in addition to cold compresses for the forehead and back head to lower the fever . 2. The three types of flu viruses are A, B, and C.Type A infects animal and human. Type B infects human only which cause the annual influenzaepidemics. The perecentage of the population sniffling, aching,and running fevers have up to 20 %.Also, Type C…

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  • Influenza Research Paper

    INTRODUCTION Two significantly important highly pathogenic infection diseases namely Legionellosis and Influenza remains even today a threat to global health. They can cause severe community-acquired pneumonia with respiratory failure but they can also generate hospital-acquired infections.1 Moreover Legionella infection could attribute to influenza infection. The cause of influenza was definitively resolved back in 1930s with the isolation of swine influenza; a virus which when administered…

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  • Seasonal Influenza Research Paper

    Children against the Seasonal Influenza Imagine yourself as a parent or a concerned third party and not having to worry about your child getting the flu every season. All of the school days the child is going to miss due to coming down with the seasonal flu. Now it is possible for many children to be immunized against the seasonal influenza viruses. Children, in particular, are more vulnerable than others; why? They tend to socialize with sick children without knowing It and their immune…

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  • Generation Like Movie Analysis

    Generation Like Summarize The Generation Like video explains to the viewer’s how younger people of this new generation use social media’s in order to feel accepted by their peers and at the same time using them as a way to promote advertisements for different companies. The first part of this video introduces the viewer to a group of younger people brainstorming ideas in order to get the most “likes” on their Facebook profile pictures, while this is happening Douglas Rushkoff is asking…

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  • The Life Of A Business Manager

    management because she feels right working with numbers and she continues because she gets to build a closer relationship with people. At first, Tiffany did not know what career she wanted to do. She knew there were plenty of options to choose out of. She was very indecisive. She wanted to do something involving numbers and also something that communicates with people. When she got to accounting that changed Tiffany’s point of view and made her sure that was what she wanted to do. Tiffany said,…

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