Influenza Case Study 1

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Case 53: Influenza
Questions and activities:

1. First of all, he should take Tylenol extra strenght but the dose doesnt exceed than 2 caplets every six hours, in addition to cold compresses for the forehead and back head to lower the fever .

2. The three types of flu viruses are A, B, and C.Type A infects animal and human. Type B infects human only which cause the annual influenzaepidemics. The perecentage of the population sniffling, aching,and running fevers have up to 20 %.Also, Type C causes influenza; nevertheless, type C flu symptoms are much less severe.
The availble treatments for inluenza viruses:
Firstly,Rest and sleep until the patient become fully recovered from the illness. Secondly, avoid dehydration by drinking lots of fluid
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Being protected can vary widely depending on who is being vaccinated and how well matched the flu vaccine is with circulating viruse. Influenza vaccines work best among healthy adults and older children.

21. The rapid influenza diagnostic test ,which is known as (RIDT) that can provide results within 30 minutes or less. , is a type of antigen detection that notices the influenza viral nucleoprotein antigen.
Rapid influenza test assists in the diagnosis patients who survive with signs and symptoms compatible with influenza. Additionally, The rapid influenza diagnostic tests are useful for helping to find whether eruptions of respiratory disease, such as in hospitals and other settings, that might be due to influenza.

22. I think it 's realy good idea for the pharmacist to consider implimenting the use of rapid influenza test in the practice for future patients because that would save the pharmacist time and would be successfully incorporated into daily workflow with little to no disruption of other activities. The use of rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) is able to cut down the costs. Also it helps to improve and modify the prescribing antiviral drugs. For the future patients, It is possible for patients to seek for treatment for influenza at a local pharmacy by using the

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