Arguments Against Influenza Vaccination

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This argument has been debated for a quite a long time. Should you or should you not have a vaccination. There is research for both sides of this argument. But for healthcare workers, the choice of having the vaccination is mandatory and if the healthcare worker refuses the vaccine they will not have a job at where he or she is working and must find an new facility to work in. Not having the choice of having a vaccination is unjust and wrong. And even if they have taken the shot for the influenza vaccination, there is a chance that the vaccination does not prevent the influenza. Some research shows that the influenza is not prevented.

The vaccine for the influenza doesn't always work, President of NVIC, Barbara Loe Fisher says, “ Public
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In influenza vaccines says that there is “formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, and thimerosal” in these flu vaccines. If you’ve heard of formaldehyde, you know that this chemical is quite dangerous and should definitely not be put in flu vaccines. also says “ When you get an vaccine, you hace two options: Inactivated influenza vaccines contain flu viruses that have been killed so they can’t cause the flu. Or Live influenza vaccine (LAIV or FluMist) nasal spray contains a live, but weakened form of the virus.” Both of these options seem like there could be a chance of something completely going …show more content…
However people argue the opposite, it's never argument unless there’s another side to it. This side says that flu vaccination should stay mandatory. an article that was for mandatory vaccination said “59% reduction in laboratory proved and 47-73% reduction in flu like-illness.” 59% is barely higher than half. There’s still a lot of room for error making mandatory vaccines useless.

In Conclusion flu vaccines should not be mandatory because of how unguaranteed the outcome is of preventing the flu. We should live in a world where we have a choice to pick what we want. But with healthcare workers they do not have a choice to have a vaccine that may or may not work this is unjust and wrong and should not be in

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