Argumentative Essay: Should Children Be Vaccinated?

On the night of December 9th Luke Duvall was gearing up to play in his high school football game. During the game Luke recalls feeling extremely cold and weak. As the days went on Luke’s condition worsened, when his parents gave in and took him to the hospital there fears were confirmed. Luke had H1N1 otherwise known as swine flu. Luke miraculously survived the illness but claims that seeing the other kids also suffering from swine flu, some who didn’t make it out alive, brought him to the question: Should I have been vaccinated? This is a surprisingly common debate in America. I chose this topic because according to ABC news there are as many as 2.1 million children in America not being vaccinated now a days and the real question is should kids be vaccinated, or are they better off without vaccines? …show more content…
You may be wondering why this is. There are many arguments against vaccines, some of these include risk of serious and sometimes fatal side effects, claims that some vaccines are ineffective, and concern about the ingredients used in vaccines.( A lot of parents nowadays are arguing that the benefits do not outweigh the risks and they would rather take the risk of their child getting sick than them getting a serious side effect. On the other hand many people today are still vaccinating their children. They claim that since the FDA says vaccines are safe they see no problem in vaccinating their children. ( Some argue that vaccines save lives and that there is no problem in getting them vaccinated.They believe that they would rather take the extremely low risks than risk there kids getting sick or exposing other kids. Another argument for vaccinating your kids is the fact that a lot of diseases have been wiped from existence because of vaccines. Some of these include polio, smallpox, yellow fever, whooping cough, and measles.

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