Should Vaccines Be Required For Children

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Vaccines save 2.5 million children from preventable diseases each year, which equates to 285 children each hour ("Should Any Vaccines Be Required for Children?"). Parents want what is best for their children to stay healthy and be shielded from avoidable diseases. Vaccines are the best way to do that (Immunization Action Coalition). Vaccinating children may come with various side effects, but it also protects others and saves lives from measles and other diseases.
There are side effects and reactions that may happen to the patient, but nothing as extreme as the disease the vaccine is preventing. One of the main reasons parents do not vaccinate their children is because of the side effects that come from the vaccine. Any vaccine can cause a
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The American Academy of Pediatrics exclaims, “Most vaccines are 90-99% effective in preventing disease” ("Should Any Vaccines Be Required for Children?"). Because this number is so high, it has a better chance to save a higher percentage of children’s lives. Vaccines given to young children and infants can save 322 million illnesses ("Should Any Vaccines Be Required for Children?"). Just imagine, that is about the same number of people that live in the United States today. Immunization is a very important aspect of saving lives from diseases that can be prevented. In addition, immunization can save children’s lives because of the advances in medical science. For example, Polio which caused death or paralysis is gone. Thanks to the advances, there has not been a report of Polio in the United States. Additionally, the measles vaccine has decreased childhood deaths from measles by 74% ("Should Any Vaccines Be Required for Children?"). The measles have been an issue. On the other hand, it still is decreasing deaths because of the people that are vaccinating their children, or staying up to date on their vaccines. The decline of diseases is going down in the United States, but there is also a chance travelers can bring a disease from another country over. If one is not vaccinated, they could get one of the diseases or even spread it. Therefore, one vaccination can save a life from a harmful …show more content…
It is a disease causing fever and red rashes on the skin. In 2014, an outbreak happened in Disneyland Park in California that infected 70 people since December 2014 (Siegel, Marc). California is one of the lowest vaccination rate states due to fear or anxiety. Some also believe it is against “personal beliefs”. The measles are coming back because of non-immunization at a young age. 2014 saw the worst U.S. measles outbreak in two decades (Siegel, Marc). People are spreading the measles that have not been vaccinated, and they do not even know it. Some may think it is the flu, but the measles have some of the exact same symptoms. Although parents are more scared of the vaccination, they should be more scared of the measles. In consequence, parents against vaccinations have brought back the measles and have affected numerous states, especially

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