Vaccines Be Mandatory

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Vaccinations Should be Mandatory for Children to Attend School


Every year, vaccines are credited with preventing approximately 14 million infections (Sherman, 2011). Without vaccines, millions of people would suffer from diseases that can be prevented. In order to see a change in the world from vaccinations, parents needs to vaccinate their children. One of the most important advances in the history of medicine is vaccinations.

Vaccinations are used to make someone immune to an infectious disease. To trigger an immune system response, how the body responds to diseases, vaccines are loaded with microorganisms, a microscopic organism. A common vaccine consists of a weakened pathogen, an organism that causes diseases. The
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However, vaccinations can cause you to receive the illness they are trying to prevent. Through vaccines many outbreaks of diseases could have been prevented. Schools are filled with many children that carry diseases. These diseases could have been prevented through vaccination. Vaccines should be mandatory for children to attend school because outbreaks of countless diseases have emerged from children not being vaccinated, vaccines have saved numerous lives, and vaccine ingredients are …show more content…
Strengthening the immune system response is done by using a small amount of aluminum in the vaccine. This process makes it so people need fewer doses of the vaccination. For six decades, aluminum has been safely used in vaccines. Vaccines only contain 4.4 milligrams of aluminum. Formaldehyde is used to detoxify bacteria to reduce the risk of the illness when injected and to inactivate viruses. The body always has formaldehyde present. Formaldehyde is only dangerous in large amounts. During the manufacturing process, formaldehyde is diluted down to small amounts. The FDA reports that in an average newborn’s body there is 50 to 70 times more formaldehyde present than in one dose of a vaccination (Carroll,

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