Should Children Be Vaccinated?

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All parents want what is best for their child, but not all parents agree on what is considered “best”. When it comes to important medical decisions, such as weather or not your child receives vaccines, different parents do not always see eye to eye. This controversial choice has many parts that should be closely evaluated before coming to a decision. Should children be vaccinated? Is it a matter of fact or opinion?
Vaccines are liquids that contain killed viruses or bacteria. When injected into someone's body, the immune system thinks they have contracted the disease, so if the person is exposed to that disease, their immune system's memory is better prepared to fight it off,
Many anti-vaccine individuals are concerned that vaccines contain toxins that are not healthy to be injected into the body. The truth is that these ingredients are not harmful in the amounts used. Every vaccine needs to be tested by the FDA and are only approved if they safe for use with children. Also, in order for a vaccine to be recommended
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This seems to be due to the spreading of anti-vaccination articles, celebrities taking an anti-vaccine standpoint, and many other reasons. Whooping cough rates have raised dramatically as a result of this, and some “virtually extinct” diseases could begin making reappearances. In 2008, we had the biggest outbreak of the Measles since 1997 with over 130 cases being reported by early December. Dr. Travis Stork predicts, “...if they don't vaccinate, we could have a measles outbreak, and it could become an epidemic where like years ago, 4 million people are getting the measles.” Barbara Loe Fisher disagreed with his statement, point out the 131 cases is not a epidemic, to which Stork replied with, ““It's not an epidemic, because children are being vaccinated.” These vaccine opt outs and refusals could cause more unnecessary illnesses, hospitalizations, and

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