Argumentative Essay On Child Vaccines

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In the last several years, much debate has been raised over the issues of child vaccinations here in the U.S. Various studies have yielded results that support both sides of the debate. At stake, is whether a parent can choose vaccines for their children, a decision that ultimately may protect the child, hurt the child, or possibly put others in the community at risk.

Upon thorough factual research, a parent has a more informed to choose which vaccines should be administered to their child knowing the true statistics of the likelihood of a child actually contracting a particular disease, and some of the harmful risks of certain vaccines, parents can better understand which vaccines present a danger to their child. With conflicting opinions
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One reason a child should be allowed exemptions is if they are medically unable to receive them. For example, if a child were going through chemotherapy they should be exempt because the chemotherapy prevents vaccines from working. Also, if a child is too young to contract the disease they should be allowed to to receive it when they are old enough to choose. The hepatitis B shot should be given to older children/young adults, rather than an infant. Unless of course a newborn child is having unprotected sex or sharing needles with an infected drug user it is not very likey they are going to come in contact with the disease in the first place. Also, vaccines such as, the MMR vaccine does not completely protect vaccinated areas. Considering measles vaccines are roughly ninety five percent effective for children, which then leaves a five percent chance that the vaccinated children will still contract measles, and that no matter what the disease still poses as a public health risk.

Due to the inconclusive data about the harms and risks of vaccines for children it is an understandably difficult decision for parents whether or not to expose their children to vaccinations. With factual research, the likelihood of a child actually being able to contract a certain disease, and some vaccines harmful risks a parent will then be able to make the most accurate decision of which vaccines are worth the risks and which are

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