Vaccine And Autism Argumentative Essay

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Alex Guevara
Ms. Skierski
Rhetoric 306
Are vaccines autistic?
Several interested groups are debating the main question, do vaccines cause autism? One group of stakeholders tends to say that there is no link between vaccines and autism. These people tend to care about the research that medical professionals have taken over decades past. Another group believes that there really is a link between vaccines and autism. These stakeholders care about the research and stories about people taking vaccines, then getting symptoms of autism afterward. Looking at research and listening to what stakeholders say about this issue will evaluate which side one could be on.
One important group in the controversy over vaccines possibly causing autism
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29). This would mean that there could be a link between vaccines and autism after all. However, according to Evie Blad, who is a staff writer for Education Week and author for the article, “BRIEF: Health Groups Assure Trump That Vaccines Are Safe,” begins her article saying, “vaccines are safe and effective, and claims otherwise “have been disproven by a robust body of medical literature”” (par. 1), where “hundreds of state and national health organizations wrote in a letter to President Donald Trump” (par. 1). Nadir Ijaz has noticed the otherwise claims saying, “vaccination rates in the United States are going down because of the misinformation spread by the anti-vaccine movement. Parents are refusing to have their children vaccinated” (par. 10). Blan adds that “Trump has been skeptical of vaccines. He stoked concerns of vaccine supporters again after winning the election when vocal vaccine critic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said he had agreed to "chair a commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrity" at the then-president-elect's request” (par. 2). But for Blan, she doesn’t feel vaccines are hazardous because she also writes in her article, “from organizations including the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American …show more content…
With Nadir Ijaz and Evie Blan, their supporting claims over the use of confident asserts from professional medical organizations stating vaccines are safe are satisfactory for audiences to know what is happening to those who associate with vaccines. Ijaz considers them a source because most trusted medical organizations have conducted research for decades and have not discovered any vaccine incident or occurrence that has damaged a person, such as causing them autism. With Camryn Mercurio, representing the stakeholders believing vaccines aren’t safe, says “Parent advocacy groups fought to ban all vaccines and the resulting fear-mongering left many children unvaccinated” (par. 29). Which then, “agencies attempted to quell these fears by requiring all vaccines be available in a thimerosal-free version and encouraged manufacturers to remove thimerosal from all vaccines” (par. 29). Both stakeholders have their own view on the controversy and want support from the people who see vaccines. And by the information given by both stakeholders, it’s society’s choice that divides into both sides if they feel vaccines are threatening or

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