Argumentative Essay: Vaccinating Our Children

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After taking time to consider your argument, “Vaccinating Our Kids.” I gathered that you are concerned that too many parents are neglecting their children’s safety by refusing to vaccinate them. You regard that vaccination should be mandatory for all American children. In your own words you said, “These vaccinations will save children’s lives, protect future generations, and save the government and parents’ money.” You then went on and addressed all parts of your argument explaining why vaccines are critical to a child’s well being, society’s well being and the financial well being of parents and the government. Although I understand your concerns, I think there is much more to the debate than the points you mentioned. This missing information …show more content…
It has occurred to me however that most of the diseases vaccines protect against are no longer a threat to society. You stated, “Polio was once America’s most-feared disease, causing death and paralysis across the country.” If polio and other disease are no longer a threat then why are we vaccinating against it? By vaccinating against diseases that do not pose a threat we are allowing for potential and fatal side effects. You mentioned that Parents who choose to not vaccinate their children are being selfish when you said, “They are putting their ridiculous reasoning’s and theories above the wellbeing of not only their own family but of their community.” I can understand why it is easy to take this approach when looking at the situation; you are looking at the larger picture. However, imagine being a parent and being told to put other peoples needs before your own child who is your flesh and blood. I know my own parents always put my needs before themselves and others, and I will do the same for my own children. In my opinion it is too idealistic to believe parents will put the community’s fate before their own

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