Safety Of Vaccines Essay

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Vaccines were a major technological advance in medicine. Vaccines provided a quick, simple, and accessible way for people to develop immunity to a certain disease before experiencing the symptoms. Although vaccines diminished the number of cases of these diseases dramatically, certain groups of people started to oppose immunization, sparking a “vaccine war.” These groups of people reject vaccination due to the side effects linked to vaccines, the belief that an individual has a right to autonomy, religious purposes, and the lack of supporting science. Despite these reasons, the federal government should continue to enforce vaccines due to the benefits, the maintaining of public safety as well as the safety of the individual, and
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Dr. Jan N. Wilderman, an osteopathic pediatrician from Philadelphia, says vaccines save lives and have been “one of the biggest medical breakthroughs of the 20th century.” Wilderman reminds patients who are doubtful of vaccines that, with vaccines, most diseases, such as polio, are almost eradicated. Without vaccines, diseases such as hepatitis, diphtheria, and tetanus can spread quickly and widely, becoming a serious threat to public safety. Additionally, vaccines contain antigens that can cause diseases, but these antigens are inactive or attenuated. Exposure to the antigens stimulates the immune system, forming antibodies to develop immunity. Wilderman also notes that vaccines receive “extensive scientific testing.” Vaccines, therefore, are safe and effective, according to Wilderman. She then claims that the real issue with vaccines is that not getting your child immunized can put other children who cannot receive vaccines in danger. Vaccines not only protect one’s children, but they also protect children who have weak immune systems. Therefore, this article demonstrates how vaccines are scientifically supported and have proven to be a huge benefit to public

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