Argumentative Essay On The Vaccine War

The Vaccine War
Many illnesses have haunted the humane race for centuries and throughout that time we have developed ways to prevent them and protect our children. So, why are parents now choosing not to vaccinate? Is the anti-vaccination movement decreasing child safety? Does MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine cause autism? How much are our children at risk by the MMR vaccine? “Because we’re unwilling to learn from history, we are starting to relive it. And children are the victims of our ignorance” (Offit 21). People who do not vaccinate believe that the risks far outweigh the benefits. Numerous parents refuse or delay immunizations for their children; however, other parents are adamant that the parents who choose this type of lifestyle
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Lindsey Tanner, author of “More Parents Refusing to Have Children Vaccinated,” explains that according to a national survey every 1 in 10 parents decide against vaccinating or choose to follow an alternative immunization schedule than the one provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). “According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention vaccine schedule, children should be vaccinated for 14 different diseases by age 6. That can take up to 29 shots, with as many as 6 shots at a time” (Reddy D1). When children are injected with a vaccine their body creates anti-bodies that fight the diseases; however, due to the amount of injections numerous parents feel overwhelmed and fear for the safety of their children. One of the major vaccines that the parents seem to postpone is the MMR vaccine. According to Tanner, Dr. Amanda Dempsey, a researcher at the University of Michigan and pediatricians says that parents were swayed by inaccurate information and mass media influence in regards to the fraudulent theory of a link between autism and the MMR vaccine. Although, it has been proved through several studies to be a false allegation, vaccination rates continued to decline. There is no scientific evidence that suggests the MMR vaccine is related to autism-especially the MMR vaccine they have now. In the past, some MMR vaccines contained thimerosal, …show more content…
“As of Aug. 29 about 1000 cases of measles have occurred in the U.S. in 2014: the largest outbreak in 20 yrs.—in a country that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention declared measles free in 2000” (Offit A1). This so happens to be a year prior to the published article by Dr. Wakefield in regards to the correlation between MMR vaccine and autism. Regrettably many parents were brainwashed into thinking that vaccines risk our lives, and chose to not have their babies vaccinated. Now we 're dealing with an even bigger problem, diseases that were once wiped out from vaccines are now making a comeback. Jo Craven McGinty explains that “According to the CDC, measles is so contagious that 90% of the people who are exposed will become infected if they aren’t immune” (McGinty A2). Countless people across the U.S. cannot be vaccinated due to illness or age and depend on everyone else that can to be, strengthening our “herd immunity” in order to protect that part of the population from life threatening diseases (Offit A1). Granted nothing is a 100% guarantee but without the vaccine it is extremely likely you would become infected with measles if

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