The Importance Of Vaccination For Children

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Childhood vaccination have become commonplace in this day and age. Within the first year of a child’s life it is recommended that they be given vaccinations that cover a wide range of illness such as tetanus and Hep B vaccination or the more commonly known measles, rubella and mumps vaccination or MMR vaccine for short. (find note) However in the most recent years there has been a movement to not have children vaccinated for various reasons, such as people believing that the some vaccines had been found to cause both mental and physical problems in some children and if the effectiveness of the vaccines are really worth the risks. I believe that vaccination should be given to children in order to prevent infections and I will discuss the recent anti measles movement to …show more content…
While America had removed Measles from an epidemic disease classification in 2000, it has been steadily on the rise because of the recent anti-vaccine movement. While I have listed the reasons for scientific evidence that disprove many issues brought up by the anti-vaccine movement the other issue is there are many celebrities that have jumped on the anti-vaccine bandwagon causing many people to join the movement also. In TV and movies they have shown both sides of the vaccination argument and even writer Roald Dahl who wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory had written an argument for pro-vaccination. He had written a heartbreaking essay of the loss of his daughter to measles and how vaccination could have prevented the loss. (find note )So while people are endorsing both pro and anti-vaccines I believe that children should receive vaccine not only for the medical and proven scientific facts stated in my paper but also to prevent them from going through a disease that can be 100%

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