Vaccines And Autism

Vaccines and Autism
For centuries, vaccinations have been used to prevent harmful diseases from the body. In the 1880’s, a vaccine against rabies was created. Since then, the science of immunology has only progressed. By the late 1920’s vaccines had started to become widely available. Diseases like whooping cough, tuberculosis, and tetanus were dramatically reduced, all due to the groundbreaking development of vaccinations. Smallpox, a disease that has wiped out societies, has completely been eradicated from our planet. Polio is on its way to being eradicated as well. Ever since the creation of vaccinations, the success of wiping out deadly viruses has accelerated. The vaccine for Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) however caused a controversy that
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Vaccines merely help the immune system defend the human body from viral infections. They were created to prevent deadly diseases. Since the introduction of the MMR vaccine in 1963, cases of measles in the United states decreased drastically. However, failure to vaccinate for these diseases can start to become obvious when random outbreaks appear. “Beginning in December 2014, an outbreak of measles originating from contact with an index case in Disneyland led to more than 125 cases that spread to 17 states and Mexico” (Krilov). Before this case, the Center for Disease Control also stated: “The U.S. experienced 23 measles outbreaks in 2014, including one large outbreak of 383 cases, occurring primarily among unvaccinated Amish communities in Ohio.” This case may have a link to the one to the outbreak in Disneyland, since both outbreaks had an identical virus, however, no source was found. One child whose parents failed to vaccinate them caused an outbreak of over 125 cases in Disneyland and over 300 cases from an unvaccinated Amish family. Why would a parent choose to not vaccinate their child, and potentially cause a highly contagious virus instead of giving them their shots and keeping them healthy? This dilemma could easily be avoided if the myth “vaccines cause autism” would …show more content…
There is no evidence found that any ingredients in vaccines given to children, or anyone, can cause Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is reasonable for a parent to worry about what a doctor is injecting into their child’s body. You should always ask your doctor what exactly is in a vaccine that is going to get injected into your child; not because of the myth that it may cause autism, but just to get an understanding of what the vaccine will do to the human body. Vaccinating your children is very important in keeping them healthy, and strongly recommended to keep your child living a long and vigorous

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