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  • New York University Personal Statement

    years. I was studying in the major of Bachelor of Administrative Studies-Specialized Honours in Finance Program at York University between 2012 and 2014. After that, I am working as a bookkeeper in a Markham company for almost two years. Now I am applying for Master of Financial Accountability at York University. Through this statement of interest, I will discuss my personal and educational background, working experience, goals, and reasons for choosing the program at York University. Before graduating from York University's Bachelor Program, I was studying at Centennial College's Business Administration Diploma for two years. And then I spent three years at York University of finishing the four years' Honours Degree of Finance Program. During my undergraduate studies over those five years, I observed excellent course structure coupled with high academic standards. This further consolidated my interest in the field of Accounting and Finance. The years spent pursuing my undergraduate degree were the best period of my academic studies and paved my way for future…

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  • Upper New England University: Case Study

    Hello Brothers and Sisters of Upper New England University, I am Tyler Taylor, here representing my stance as a booster, supporter, and fan of this university. As many of you know already, I own our local bar The Tipsy Wing and I played as a linebacker here throughout college. To say the least, I love this university and what it upholds within our community. From attending this university and playing sports, I am fortunate enough today to own a car wash chain along with many auto detail and…

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  • Why Should People Go To New York University

    NYU Research Paper New York University, what’s so good about it? Why should people go there? Well, today I’ll be telling you everything you need to know about New York University. Everything from education and fees to extra activities and sports. If you would like to know these facts and more please keep on reading! First things first, Scholarships and fees. Quite a few students that go to New York University choose it because their scholarships are very good. The average scholarship for a…

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  • New York University Research Paper

    New York University, or NYU, is a four-year, private, large, and co-ed university. NYU is located in arguably the best city in the world, New York. NYU is my dream school because of its great Journalism program, the many job and internship opportunities, and the chance to live in a somewhat campus setting in the middle of New York City. Although there isn’t a cohesive NYU campus, the academic buildings and residence halls surround Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village. NYU’s location is…

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  • New York University Vs Legman College Essay

    Business Administration Management. The college choices that I have in mind to transfer to are Lehman College or New York University. These two colleges are quite different in ways such as size, tuition and fees, financial aid, distance from home, social events, atmosphere and reputation. The first difference between Lehman College and New York University is that Lehman College is a medium size school with a total population of 12,085 students. In contrast, New York University is a large size…

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  • New York University Admission Essay Sample

    informed and holistic choices. New York University is unique in the fact that it not only allows you these opportunities in the New York metro area, but around the world. Since childhood, I have been fascinated with the wonders of the natural world. This fascination manifested in to an adoration and appreciation for life sciences. I engrossed myself in learning as much as I could about the natural phenomena that occur as a result of chemical, physical and biological…

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  • University Medical Center New Orleans: A Case Study

    Disasters aren’t easily handled whether it’s natural or manmade, due to their unpredictability and tendency to overwhelm those impacted. Disaster plans are an integral key to preparing and guide an organization through the phases of an emergency. University Medical Center New Orleans stands in the exact same area that sustained catastrophic damage from Hurricane Katrina almost twelve years ago. University Medical Center defines an emergency as any unplanned event that may cause deaths or…

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  • Cultural Diversities In Universities

    Cultural diversities within Universities. Throughout this paper, I will examine and research about cultural diversities in universities. The aim of this paper is to discover how students adapt to new cultures when they come to a new space which is the university. I will research and explore the challenges they face in coming to a new environment and having to learn new cultures, these challenges may include broad cultures, different languages and ways of teaching. The research will be based…

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  • OU Leadership Essay

    INTRODUCTION The University of Oklahoma (OU) prides itself in being a diverse campus with endless opportunities. These opportunities are beneficial to all students, but not so easily achieved by a handful of students. The Native American community at The University of Oklahoma is a growing community to all involved, but is also one of the smallest communities within the campus in Norman, Oklahoma. Due to the lack of communication within this group of the Native American community here at OU,…

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  • The Shadow Scholar, By Dave Tomar

    The fundamental goal of a university should be to help its students succeed and reach their full potential. An environment that places limitations on the ability to access information leads to the acceptance of mediocrity (Yang -). This idea contrasts sharply with the goal of a university. Accessibility to information and knowledge go hand in hand. Universities must inspire their students to reach new levels of understanding, and providing full access to information will provide students with…

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