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  • Persuasive Speech On Skateboarding

    Persuasive Essay Skateboarding has been around since the late 60s but obviously it is way more developed now, or is it? We still have unstable skate parks and unsuitable accessories, which in given time means one of your family members or siblings getting hurt because of no funds without skateboards and skate parks. My essay is going to be about how skateboarding can help your children and family members get away from the wrong people and learn how to have creative skills and still have fun. Question is would you rather them in the streets and skate park in a safe, controlled and supervised environment? Your choice. My first paragraph is proving that 'street skating ' whilst fun is not a appropriate place for skaters to be. Not only if you 're caught and arrested, which I know from personal experience, you can be extremely hurt and have no one to call. Skate parks keep skaters away from the 'wild; ' from things such as steep hills, hand rails and stair sets. This obviously is going to be a safety hazard or do you not care enough to give us an official place to skate? Skating in these places aren’t ideal but if we have no skate parks where do we really have to go? Skate parks provides us a safe, controlled and supervised place to enjoy the…

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  • Essay On Skateboarding

    Skateboarding born in the 50s in California on the seaside coast such as Los Angeles or Hawaii. By their long walks tarred along beaches, the cities become the cradle of skateboarding. Indeed, many phenomena such as the expansion of these towns based on an orthogonal pattern (grid, streamlined mesh of the urban fabric, large squares in front of public buildings) have greatly encouraged this urban sport. We can precise that Los Angeles, postmodern city, has not city center which would deploy a…

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  • Skateboarding Persuasive Essay

    million strong followers, skateboarding is the largest extreme sports activity people love to this date. They do it as a pastime and even some do it as a job once they get sponsored. Recently over the past few years, skateboarders are being harassed by officer and are getting the cops called on them for skating the streets. There aren 't many safe haven skate spots so people find spots in various locations around their city and skate the landmarks around them Even though some people think that…

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  • Skateboarding Culture Essay

    Filipino-American sometimes I find myself judging Filipino-American food as either authentic or unauthentic not simply to criticize, but to make a statement that this food either accurately or inaccurately represents my culture. Skateboarding is similar to this because by labeling skaters, skateboarding brands, and even skateboarding attire as authentic or unauthentic skaters decide what they feel represents their subculture. Disagreement among skaters, a group of individualistic rebels, is…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Skateboarding

    110, Section 3 30 January 2018 Riding the Rails Skateboarding, a diverse extreme sport, is a fun and exhilarating activity if done properly. Among all the various sports and activities that Western culture houses I find skateboarding the most enjoyable due to its freedom of expression and self; however, it also lends itself to be one of the most dangerous sports in the world with 150,000 injuries a year. In this process essay, I will teach you the step-by-step ways to build your very own…

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  • Skateboarding: A Short Story

    Skateboarding Rolling down a hill, vision blurred so that I saw only streaks of blue sky before I saw the brown leaves on the ground. Pain shoots through every part of me that hit the hillside covered in sharp, pointed sticks, and large, uneven rocks. Finally, the rolling stops my face planted in the dirt, as I pushed myself upward, my family was already at the top of the hill screaming at me “ARE YOU ALRIGHT, HE DEFINITELY BROKE SOMETHING.” There voices sounded like I was underwater. Only one…

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  • Elliot Ackerman Safe On The Southbank Summary

    Elliot Ackerman, talking about his experience seeking his right home. At the age of nine years old, he was living in Los Angeles until he moved and arrived at Heathrow where he then discovered, the Southbank. Southbank was British’s center location in the Thames for skateboarding. He loved the area, feeling the tingly sensation of skateboards crashing, where graffiti artists were not bothered, homeless people had a place to sleep, and the repulsive smell of urine. Elliot made friends with other…

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  • Skate Video Game Analysis

    The user interface of Skate was quite revolutionary and fresh at the time of its arrival on the scene. Before the launch of Skate 1, back in 2007, the skateboarder video game market was dominated by the Tony Hawk series of video games. These games were fun and comical, as players could rip through a variety of maps and skateboarder on nearly everything. The Skate video game series has a similar game design to that of the Tony Hawk series, however the Skate video game series was able to represent…

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  • Persuasive Speech On Respect For Skaters

    offers a full body workout, physical endurance, teaches precision, and it improves coordination. "The Health Benefits of Skateboarding - Health Fitness Revolution." Health Fitness Revolution. 20 Mar. 2014. Web. 06 Nov. 2015. Skateboarding…

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  • Swot Analysis Of A Skateboard

    shape has not drastically changed throughout the years is based on the origins of skateboarding. We have to remember that skateboarding was based on surfing. Skateboarding first appeared in the 1950s when Californian surfers thought of a way to “surf” on concrete surfaces [1]. Essentially, skateboarding was supposed to be “sidewalk surfing.” If we examine the cross sectional shape of a surfboard, we see that it has a very small thickness and a width that’s much smaller than its length. The…

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