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  • Swot Analysis Of A Skateboard

    1.0 Introduction In this report, we will explore possible shapes of a skateboard deck to see how it will affect the performance and mechanical properties. We will use a solid rectangle cross section as our reference shape to derive a shape factor that aims to keep the deck as light as possible. We used a solid rectangle as our reference shape because it is the ideal shape for commercial skateboards. This will allow us to directly compare our explored shape to what is currently used in the market. A quantitative comparision will be done amongst possible shapes to determine the most optimal shape of the deck. In addition, this report will explore the use of hybrid materials, more specifically sandwich panels to increase the performance of the…

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  • My Plans After High School

    with good grades so I can see what happens after high school. (338) Skateboarding (S) If you ever met me my personality and the long hair kind of gives it away. The fact that I skateboard. Most people can just tell and they come up and ask me if I skate. I 've been doing it for a while, lots of falls, scrapes, cuts, all that good stuff. To be honest I can 't tell you the amount of times I 've come home with a busted up elbows, knees and twisted ankles. Having said that I never gave up I just…

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  • Kateboard Scandal Research Paper

    kateboard Scandal Troy loves skateboarding, ever since he was two years old he would be on his skateboard everyday, no matter what the weather was like. When Troy turned 11 he was almost pro, he was one of the best skaters in Minnesota. One day that all changed, his mom told him that they were moving. Troy cried for three days, he didn't want to leave his friends. The day of the moving, Troy was kind of excited that he gets to see the beach for the first time. He is going to live in a nice…

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  • Elliot Ackerman Safe On The Southbank Summary

    The New York Times Magazine uploaded an article called the “Safe on the Southbank” written by Elliot Ackerman, talking about his experience seeking his right home. At the age of nine years old, he was living in Los Angeles until he moved and arrived at Heathrow where he then discovered, the Southbank. Southbank was British’s center location in the Thames for skateboarding. He loved the area, feeling the tingly sensation of skateboards crashing, where graffiti artists were not bothered, homeless…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Skateboarding

    Western culture houses I find skateboarding the most enjoyable due to its freedom of expression and self; however, it also lends itself to be one of the most dangerous sports in the world with 150,000 injuries a year. In this process essay, I will teach you the step-by-step ways to build your very own skateboard, how to stand on it, learn to push it, and take it to the streets, in hopes that in no time you will be skating and having fun safely like one of the pros. I enjoy skateboarding because…

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  • Narrative Essay About Skateboarding

    One big decision was made off of one small occurrence. That happens all the time in skateboarding, and that is falling. It happens a lot and it’s hard to stop. It doesn’t feel good, you can leave walking fine or walking bleeding with future scars, little did I know that a fall was going to end it all. It started in July of 2012, the last time I stepped foot on a skateboard. “Mom I’m going to go to Spencer’s place and then we're going to go skateboarding.” I yelled. “That’s fine, and have fun,”…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Playing With Fire

    day was going to go. That morning I did the usual got dressed and relaxed. Towards noon I got a text from a friend. My friends planned to skate by our High school. As we did most of the time during summer vacation. I always loved to skate in those warm afternoons. So I got dressed up with the clothes I usually skate with. As I arrived most of my friends were there already. Most of them sitting down waiting for the rest of us to come. Not knowing how we were going to have fun that day. We were…

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  • Essay On Skateboarding

    evenings and weekends Even if the the skateboard is adapted to the city, their presence is not a gift for everybordy. In fact, some people accept the skater in the public space but, this point of view is not shared by everybody. There are many reasons. In a first time, this sport have the inconvenient to let his taint. Main alterations are caused by the friction of Trucks * ( axle supporting the wheels ) when they are on slides ( FIG comprising slide along an edge on the trucks) . This part of…

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  • Skateboarding Persuasive Essay

    Many of the skateboarders this day in age are young children between the ages of 15 years old to as young as 6 years old. For that age group, majority of them skateboard at the skatepark or either at home, and for kids to see that skateboarders are getting harassed for skating in public places scare them into not wanting to skateboard in fear that the cops may do the same to them which isn 't right for the kids. Seeing their peers in handcuffs or getting thrown off their boards isn 't something…

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  • Nike Commercial Analysis

    When we see the traditional Nike commercial, we usually get the sense that it always tries to sell you something to you. But this one is different. It brings you through the day in a life of a championship skateboarder, named Paul Rodriguez. Nike made this commercial relateable to every skateboarder and other athletes as well. Through the use of visual appeals, elements of design, and relationship to others. Nike successfully reaches its intended audience and implies that being physically active…

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