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  • Wallwork Day

    Both of them turn bright red, thinking that they were only making fools of themselves in front of me. Out of the two, Katherine turned the brightest shade of red and started yelling “How’s the bean dip? Can someone tell me how the bean dip is?” We aren’t eating any right then but it 's something she only says when she’s embarrassed. Cole laughs at her and asks what we are doing again. At this point all work is forgotten so we said we aren’t doing much. He brings out his laptop and plays a song by the artist Cupcake. It is one of the raunchiest songs in the world and we are all sick of it by the third play. This is when we start watching YouTube over him. I show the group a video from IUP’s Sketch-O-Phrenia, a comedy sketch group for IUP TV. Amanda wouldn’t stop giggling over the sketch titled “Buff Santa” because it is a lot of flexing, saying buff Santa, and fake explosions. She says it’s “stupidly funny.” Then we move on to the next video “IUP Crushes,” that features my boyfriend and Tyler Miller as potential dates, everyone starts rolling on the floor laughing. The Wallwork study group typically spends the whole day together, so around 4:50 we make ramen noodles in Amanda’s dorm room down the hall and take them back to the lobby to eat. Our things are still all over the place and we didn’t want anyone to take them. “You know this is probably why everything smells weird,” I say as we sit down. They agree with me but point out that it’s a different scent to add to the…

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  • The Importance Of Trees In Anderson's Speak

    She’s learning how to put expression into her art and make it her own. The image in her mind is changing, becoming something more realistic. The first time she feels good about a tree she draws is when she says, “I sketch a cubist tree with hundreds of skinny rectangles for branches. They look like lockers, boxes, glass shards, lips with triangle brown leaves” (119). This is the moment when Melinda specifically makes references to her own life. The lockers represent the school and the glass…

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  • Hari Kondabolu: Poem Analysis

    Stemming from a progressive household, Hari Kondabolu’s humor is a reflection of how he was raised. Kondabolu is a comedian who uses his voice to discuss social issues regarding race, sexuality, identity, and civil rights. Under the guise of comedy, Kondabolu is able to raise awareness and share his stance on the subjects, while maintaining real humor that people can laugh along and relate to. Kondabolu cites his identity as the catalyst for the beginning of his career, as the lack of Asian…

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  • Satire In The Chappelle Show

    others, but it is a fun and lighthearted way to bring awareness. Satire isn’t an unfamiliar subject to most performers and comedians. Comedian Dave Chappelle used satire, that usually dealt with racial identity and politics in America in most of his comedy bits in his comedy hit, The Chappelle Show. The use of satire in Dave Chappelle’s comedy sketches draws attention to politics through the eyes of a black man in America. Dave Chappelle is able to use his platform to spread his experiences…

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  • Humorists: A Satirical Analysis

    Comedy is seen and enjoyed by many all around the world, claiming its place as a staple of human culture. Comedy has but one rule: it must be funny. Other than this, humorists can take any and all liberties to fundamentally change the affect of their art; resulting in a wide array of comedic styles. The “comedy” umbrella somehow shelters the slapstick fun of Laurel and Hardy, the deadpan observations of Steven Wright and the surrealism of Monty Python. These comedians, along with all of their…

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  • A Synthesis Essay: Analysis Of Noah's On Humor

    I love comedy just like everyone else. There’s a famous saying that “Laughter is the best medicine.” Laughter sends chemical to our brain called endorphins, boosting our moods throughout the day. However, many people see comedy as merely funny, but beneath the humor lies a layer of social commentary about humanity. Good comics play an important function in society by holding up a mirror and forcing us to confront realities that we would often prefer to ignore. Stand-up comedians regularly…

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  • Richard Bernard Red Skelton Research Paper

    Richard Bernard "Red" Skelton (July 18, 1913 – September 17, 1997) was an American entertainer. He was best known for his national radio and television acts between 1937 and 1971, and as host of the television program The Red Skelton Show. Skelton, who has stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his work in radio and television, also appeared in vaudeville, films, nightclubs, and casinos, all while he pursued an entirely separate career as an artist. Skelton began developing his comedic and…

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  • Collaborative Group Reflective Report

    I bought to the table a comedy that plays with the traditional aspects of theater including breaking the fourth wall by audience participation. Another participant brought a comedy about the educational relationship between teachers and students, which would be relatable to the audience. The third person brought a radical and unbelievable comedy about buying a car and it all going wrong. None of these ideas resonated with us and we decided to start from scratch with a new idea. This is one of…

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  • Humorists Humor

    various comedy sketches, political cartoons, and stand-up shows. Satire is a lovely firestarter of sorts and a clever way to inform and challenge popular ideas. Humorist have been known to raise awareness to many diverse subjects. A very popular T.V. show, Saturday Night Live, has been known to address very controversial topics. Not too long ago they did a sketch about Thailand's Ministry of Culture, it was a fake Rosetta Stone ad implying that the primary reason reason people visit Thailand…

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  • Analysis Of The Humor Code By Mike E. Winfield

    Stand up comedy is a comic style that is performed in front of a live audience. Typically, the Comedian directly communicates their peculiar stories to an audience in efforts to make them laugh. Mike E. Winfield, a strikingly brilliant comedian/actor, has perfected the craft of making people laugh. His incongruous style depicted by his random punch lines and priceless facial expressions make his stage presence enticing and hilarious. In comparison to Shane Snow’s A Quest to Understand What Makes…

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