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  • Personal Narrative: Joining The Engineering Club

    that would be on top of the base. When I arrived there they were arguing about how to make the base what shape and measurements to be used. I then joined their conversation and suggested why not use the thicker wood and cut it in the shape of a square and have the wheels attached to the back and make 2 skids on the front so it can help move over the 2x4 wood to get through the tunnels. One person didn’t think my idea would work so I tried reasoning with him on why it would. The skids would help by having now motors to power and putting less weight on the robot thus using less power to operate it. He still didn’t see what I was trying to explain so I then brought over the Club President and told him about my idea. He thought it was a great idea, but the other person still didn’t see why so both of us started to reason with him and showing how it would work. After many tries he finally saw how it would work it took time, but worth it at the end for my idea to be used. They then obtained the wood and started to cut out the base, I was in charge of making the skids while they were cutting out the base. I then grabbed the PVC pipe and cut then in half to make the bottom of the skids and another PVC pipe on top of it to attach it to the bottom of the base. Around this time is was already time to leave I didn’t know if I was still wanted on the team I screwed up on 2 stations but helped out on the last. So I decided to talk to the officers in private and tell them I was sorry for…

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  • The Skid Row Reflection

    Suzan Ramirez Skid Row Reflection In discussing skid row I felt like I was looking at things from two different perspectives. I felt as if I was two different people viewing one thing and reacting differently. There is this idea of double consciousness and I never understood what that felt like, but on this trip I felt that. It felt like I was viewing it from the perspective of my peers but then I was viewing things from the perspective of what I know. I will be talking about not only what…

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  • The Importance Of Homelessness In Skid Row

    Los Angeles they have named a town, "America 's Skid Row", where thousands of men and women comprise the population of homeless people living and sleeping on the street sidewalks, bus stops, under the bridge, makeshift tents, cardboard boxes, and under the tarps. Through extensive research, The National Coalition for the Homeless records Los Angeles,…

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  • Los Angeles Skid Row: A Comparative Analysis

    Poverty is a manifestly obvious predicament in our reality today. Notice that poverty doesn't simply incorporate the destitute. It includes a wide of scope of individuals. It included families living everyday on nourishment stamps, it incorporates single parents working 20-hours movements to put sustenance on the table for their youngsters, it incorporates the populace in India living in the ghettos. It incorporates individuals living in the soil, living in the downpour, living in their autos,…

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  • Case Study John Deere: Early Supplier Integration In The Design Of The Skid-Steer Loader

    John Deere: Early Supplier Integration in the Design of the Skid-Steer Loader John Deere & Company is one of the world’s oldest businesses. The company’s core business is made up of manufacturing, distribution, finance and servicing of equipment. Deere & Company founded the Skid-Steer loader market, but ended up contracting the production and manufacturing to New Holland. Key Issues and Recommendations There are several issues being faced by Scott Nolan, John Deere’s supply management manager,…

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  • Pelican Coolers Case Study

    360 deg Fridge Quality Seal 360 Deg Fridge Quality Seal Non Skid Rubber feet Non Skid Rubber Feet Rating 4.4 4.1 New Pelican Coolers Pelican Elite Cooler The new improved range of Pelican coolers that are amde with the same durability but with improved design features wuth the same ice keeping capabilities but 30% lighter than the older models. The Pelican Elite Cooler comes with 4 self draining cup holders, an integrated measuring board in cm and inch and stainless steel bottle opener.…

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  • Unclogerall Manufacturing Process Paper

    style viral clearance filter onto the filtration skid and the inlet and outlet valves, reducers, and instrument tees are attached using autoclaved components. Once the filtration skid is setup, a filter flush is performed using 40L of ambient Water for Injection (WFI) at a pressure differential of 42 psig. Following the WFI flush, a pre-use filter integrity test is performed using Nitrogen at 110-116 psi. Following a passing integrity test, the filtration skid is brought into a cold room (2-8…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Land Of The Free

    driving home, finding ourselves along the streets of Skid Row. I vividly remember glancing out from my window, block after block, flashing through the sidewalks lined with tents, makeshift tarps, and cardboard boxes. The sick and the helpless were everywhere. As I looked into the face of a limping old man crossing the intersection, carrying his entire life on a shopping cart,…

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  • Hydraulics Case Study

    area. These parts are given by different vendors set by the company. • Metal sheets from which main frames, rear frames, boomers/dippers are to be welded are moved to the fabricated shop. • Engines are moved to skid sub assembly line and the gears & rear-axle parts are moved to transmission line. Fabrication shop: • In fabrication shop, welding of different parts of (3DX backhoe loader), the product which is made are done and after that their machining, finishing, surface smoothening etc are…

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  • Police Discretion Case Study

    In his article, The Police on Skid-Row: A Study of Peace Keeping, Egon Bittner said, police officers’ role as peace keeper in their training manuals only gave passing attention to this aspect of the job role. He also repeated the point that departments usually do not keep records of processes that do not involve making an arrest. When officers warn, discipline, without making an arrest, there is consensus that they are serving in their role as peace-keeper. In their role as peace-keepers on…

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