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  • Examples Of Sexism In Video Games

    Charlotte Whitton once said “Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good.” Whitton was the first female mayor of a major city in Canada and tried to create a world where sexism doesn’t exist. Sexsism and the portrayal of women in the video games industry is creating a culture that degrades and oppresses women. This essay discusses the amount of people in contact with video games, physical portrayal of women as well as the sexism that women face when working in the video game industry. In the United States over 58% of Americans play video games; 52% are male and 48% are female. When the video game industry started marketing towards the everyday family it was mostly towards boys and young men. They were considered only for boys and were advertised with phrases like “Take the G.I. Joe Video Game Challenge” thus convincing girls that video games are only for boys. This created a large generation where girls didn’t play games that grew along with a stigma that girls who played any form of games were just doing it to be different or form attention. Now, more females are interested in games than ever before, but most of them are more interested in mobile games which use less brain power. Males tend to play games in the action, shooter and RPG genres that require quick thinking, long term planning and teamwork. If they play with a team they will build leadership and communication skills which can help them further in life. Women lean towards…

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  • Business Analysis: Financial Analysis Of Blizzard Entertainment

    Each structure determines how said organization operates and preforms tasks. Blizzard has a divisional structure, this means that each division has its own CEO but there is one head CEO over the entire organization. Blizzard has three divisions currently Activision Blizzard, Blizzard Entertainment, and King Digital. Blizzard also uses a growth strategy, it focuses on diversification and product development. They are continuing to add new games and applications for their customers. But they also…

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  • Fallout 3 Business Analysis

    would expect. It also made sure to announce its key features which include new mechanics such as base building, a unique weapons crafting system, and the most important part, dialog. The main character voiced dialog was a huge turn in the franchise as all the previous titles before it had a silent protagonist and with this, introduced a whole new era for the game series as a whole. They had made sure to list all their new accomplishments in the demo at the conference as they wanted to build hype…

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  • The Similarities Between Kirby And Ullala

    members with minor changes because they wanted to use their celebrity status to promote their product. Based on these facts, Segaʻs case presents a stronger First Amendment claim because their work satisfies the requirements of the transformative test. Another notable difference between the two cases is the consent of the celebrities to the video game producers to appropriate their likeness. In No Doubt v. Activision, No Doubt did permit Activision to use their likeness for the video game,…

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  • Microsoft Ballmer And Nokia Essay

    at least a good thing for the company (as investors look at it in hindsight). Ballmer's ability to steer the company around in those early days may have led him to overestimate his degree of control, also known as illusion of control, as he turned for the Nokia opportunity. Activision Blizzard’s acquisition of King Digital Entertainment On November 2nd, 2015 a deal was made between Activision Blizzard and King Digital Entertainment from which King would become a wholly-owned subsidiary of…

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  • Donkey Kong Case Study

    decided not to patent any of his ideas. If he would have done that the gaming industry would not have been same as we see it today. Atari made another product disruption when they came up with A2600 in the year 1977. It was the first home video game having removable cartridges. They tried to sustain their growth by: • Bringing the home video game version of the popular Arcade games • Getting royalty from independent game designers making A2600 cartridges After Bushnell was fired in 1979, Atari…

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  • LEGO Harvard Business Case Group Analysis

    ey choose to carry their products. The threat of entry is low because the market is highly saturated with many key players already in place dominating the majority market share. Figure 2: Porter’s Six Forces Analysis of the Toy Industry Supplier Power ­ High Trademarks Licensing Produce mass quantity efficiently and effectively Threat of Substitution Low Books Sports Exercise Threat of Entry Low Highly Saturated market Start­up cost Key players own market share…

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  • Case Study: Oblivion Sound

    name and game is fake* CLIENT Oblivion Studios Inc. Oblivion gained its popularity during the late 2000s just as warfare and action games became more prominent. They became a multimillion dollar company because, of its past success with Nuclear Syndrome I and II as well as, its Dominance franchise. CHALLENGE Ever since the release of Space Invaders in 1978, the popularity of warfare and action games were on the rise, massively increasing the gaming industry as the world began its technological…

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  • Call Of Duty's Ad Analysis: Everyone Is Doing It

    In the market, companies are always fighting to get new and more customers. These companies don’t sell the same products but there’s still a rivalry between them : who’s going to attract the most customers. That’s the case of these two companies : Apple and Activision, which both of them produce technology supplies to customers : electronic goods for the first company and for the second, video games. Both of these companies’s ad are videos, but they show different approaches of advertising.…

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  • Women In Carol Shaw's River Raid

    Among these women, one specific woman named Carol Shaw was one of the first to make their move in the video game design industry. Being the first woman video game designer, Carol Shaw’s work contributions have brought positive influence to the game design industry. One of Carol Shaw’s most famous works, "River Raid" was one of the most popular games back in 1982 when she worked for the company Activision. This achievement was controversial and has paved the path for other female game designers…

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