Activision Blizzard Essay

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Believe it or not Activision Blizzard is actually two companies in one, with many subsidiary independent companies they have. This is Activision's independent studio model, it allows companies are able to still work like they want and make great products for Activision while taking the most of the credit, but still be protected by Activision Blizzard who makes the money. Activision “develops, distributes, and publishes deeply immersive interactive entertainment for gaming consoles,” (Activision Blizzard) such as, Call of Duty, Skylander, and Destiny. Activision started in 1979. Activision gained Treyarch in 2001. Treyarch creates games and Activision want to add them to the family in order to make the biggest cross console game developer company out there. (Ahmed) In 2003 Activision acquired Infinity ward, which them together made them the top developers and distributors of first person action games and started the Call of duty …show more content…
Activision Blizzard is such a power house company. They have earned that right though for all of the records they have broken and the awards they receive. Call of duty has been such a big franchise for them. It almost seems like almost every year the new call of duty game breaks the last call of duty record in some way. In 2011 Call of duty: modern warfare made $400 million in the first 24 hours. 2015 Call of duty: black Ops made $550 million worldwide in the first three days. That make it the biggest launch in history, it even beat out movies in the box office. What is even more impressive is that Call of duty: black Ops 2, It holds the record for the most hours played in the first three days, it equals to around 75 million hours of online game play, and it made $500 million in its first 24 hours. (Takahashi) One other franchise got nominated for best game of the year, and innovative toy of the year, Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure is the newest top franchise of Activision Blizzard and it had earned its way to the

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