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  • My Baby Research Paper

    work schedule I would be dropped off at 8AM and not picked up until night time. Those were rough times and I do not recall them pleasantly at all. I remember they put an extremely inappropriate movie on that had a huge sea monster squid like thing that would wrap its tentacles around the bridge and take it down. I had nightmares regarding that movie for a while. The second daycare that I went to was much better and I was 4 I met my first “boyfriend” Chuckie. He picked me out and wanted me to go sit next to him in the back. He was an older boy, he was in Kindergarten, he was so cute and he gave me my first kiss. Little Shavers is where I first experienced video games, Frogger and Space Invaders on the Atari system. Mornings were fun there we would play on the Atari or we would watch TV usually Inspector Gadget or sadly sometimes Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. I am not sure why but that man always seemed a little off and kind of creepy even…

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  • Are Video Games Becoming More Popular Essay

    change. Video games have went through various changes in graphics. When games first came out they only came in pixel form, which is a very low quality type of graphic. Through the decades they have undergone a major makeover. Games in the present are high definition, most being in 1080p. Games are looking more realistic and people are starting to open up to trying gaming because of the drastic change in graphics. Graphics have changed people’s outlook on games. Games used to have such low…

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  • Essay On Video Games Should Be Banned

    Many people think that violent videogames are to blame for most of the crimes committed nowadays. This is not the right way to look at things, since there are actual studies that show that videogames, especially action games, can enhance people’s cognitive abilities, relive stress and depression, and also help the economy. These studies have been done to see if there is any connection between videogame violence and actual violence. Yet lot of other studies have also shown the benefits of…

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  • Positive Emotions In Video Games

    The video game industry is a huge industry, and that is not an understatement. To put it in comparison, the movie Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens grossed in one billion dollars in 12 days in theaters while Grand Theft Auto V achieved that total in just three days. Video games have come a long way from when “just nerds” played them. According to the Entertainment Software Association, over 150 million of Americans play video games, that’s nearly 50% of the U.S. population. But as they…

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  • Sexism In Video Games

    The video game industry has always been known as a male-dominated industry, with most video games being marketed towards males and many video game programmers being male. But in recent years, there has been a rise in the number of female gamers in the industry. Although there are a lot of women interested in video games, there are still a lot of problems regarding sexism and the video game industry. Sexism can be found in the video games that girls play as they grow up to women who enter the…

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  • Information Security

    Information Security in Game Development As can be seen by tuning into any modern news media outlet, information security is an international concern. Unfortunately, one area that is often left out of the security conversation is the video game industry. The general consumer base rarely hears about security standards when it comes to game development, and it is hit or miss from one game to the next as to whether there is security in place to protect the machine and network it is being played on.…

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  • Modern Music Challenges

    The Challenges and Rewards of Modern Composition When one considers the word “musician”, the first image that often comes to mind is a performer on stage playing popular, rock, or classical music. However, what many do not realize is that there is a large range of mediums through which one can present music. Some of these methods include writing music to accompany a visual or interactive component such as television or video games. Despite the number of opportunities for original music, the art…

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  • Gender Stereotypes In The Video Game Industry

    If I told you to picture what you consider to be a gamer, the first image you would come up with is a young boy holding a controller. If I told you to come up with another image, it would be a struggle to imagine another type of gamer, and there’s a reason for that. The target demographic of the gaming industry includes men from age 18 to 34, and the industry goes to great lengths to make them the sole demographic. The sexualized representation of women in games, the backlash from men that…

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  • The Importance Of The Video Gaming Industry

    The video gaming industry has grown exponentially since the days it first began. Better graphics, processing power and gameplay due to evolving technology has helped turn it into one of the world’s favorite forms of entertainment especially for kids. However, some of the games that developers release contain violence and sexual themes which raises the question, “Should kids really be playing this?” How is the government regulating the content in video games? The government is trying to put laws…

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  • Child Aggression Research Paper

    Arved Garcia English 1101 October 4, 2016 Violent Videogames linked with Child Aggression Videogames have been around for exactly 54 years and have had an immense impact on society. From the first game ever created, “Spacewar”, to the more complex videogames that involve the concept of virtual reality; videogames consume a large amount of time. Some researchers’ belief that the content in the videogame affects and shapes how we behave and act around people. An initial attempt at proving that…

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