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  • Nelsonville Bypass Project Case Study

    The field of engineering impacts our society in many, many ways. There are the most obvious impacts, technological and technical improvements (means of transportation, electronics, resource distributions services, et cetera), but there are impacts that may be somewhat vague, such as global and societal impacts. Both impacts must be weighted equally by the modern, citizen engineer. As an engineering student in southeast Ohio, one of the more recent and relevant examples of engineering impacting a society is the construction of the Nelsonville Bypass project. U.S. Route 33 ran through this small town, of approximately 5,400 people, and this section typically averaged about 19,000 vehicles per day with 15 percent being semi trucks. This section of highway was narrow in width, and would typically add about twenty to thirty minutes of travel time to the average commuter. It was proposed to build a bypass around Nelsonville, which would creating a better transportation for motorists while at the same time protect the wildlife living in Wayne National Forest. The proposal was accepted and construction started in 2007. The bypass was opened to motorists in 2013. One of the most important considerations during planning was determining the effect the bypass would have on Nelsonville. There are many positive impacts on Nelsonville, as well as some negatives. I will start with the negatives. The most glaring negative impact of the bypass is speculated economic downturn of the local…

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  • Enterprise Risk Management Planning

    Types of external considerations within Rutherford County are related to natural disasters, political disasters and macroeconomic shifts, including inflation, rate of growth, and unemployment. As a measure to offset natural disasters, we have relationships with other counties across the state coordinate efforts with our Emergency Management team. Indeed, the county 's mitigation planning efforts consist of local, state, and federal assistance. Unfortunately, there are few measures to plan for…

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  • Pivot Table Report Observations

    Pivot Table / Chart Report Exercise There are four observations in the pivot table, and the one part of pivot table report is about the annual adult care facility, total number of census, SMI and SSI. The other part is about New York State Population, total population and total number of race and ethnicity distribution. The results that I received are come from the data Adult Care Facility Annual Survey and New York State Population. I use the pivot table or chart to get the observations. At the…

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  • Count/Verification Assistant: A Case Study

    Jill started a new job as a count/verification assistant for the Johnson County Board of Elections. After completing her degree, she believed she would have the greatest chance of making a difference in her community and society as a whole. She had completed the counties required training and briefings, read and agree to the terms of the Statement of Secrecy, and she would have no problem with acting impartially at all times and respect confidentiality of material handled. Mark the senior…

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  • Pros And Cons Of 2016 Olympics

    2006) due to the close proximities of all the venues. Furthermore, the Olympic Village was planned to be “constructed over a 37-acre truck parking lot located immediately south of McCormick Place” (Hinz, 2006). Given these points, it is very apparent just how much thought Chicago put into planning. Coupled with calculating the costs and plotting out venue locations, safety places very high on the list of concerns. Post 9/11, the costs of providing secure locations for events have risen a…

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  • Essay On The Olympic Games

    The first modern Olympics were held in Athens, Greece, in 1896. The man who came up with the idea was a French man named Baron Pierre de Coubertin, who suggested the idea in 1894. His original idea was to unveil the modern Games in 1900 in his native Paris, but delegates from 34 countries were so enthralled with the concept that they convinced him to move the Games up to 1896 and have Athens serve as the first host. One main difference between the Ancient time games and the games today is that…

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  • History Of Olympic Games Essay

    The first Olympic Games were held in Greece, Olympia, from seven hundred and seventy six BC through three hundred and ninety three AD, it took 1503 years for the Olympics to return. The first modern Olympics were held in Athens, Greece, in 1896. The ancient Olympic games went for five days in summer ever four years. Olympia, the site of the ancient Olympic Games, is in the western part of the Peloponnese which, according to Greek myth, is the island of "Pelops. Olympia functioned as a meeting…

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  • Advantages Of Roman Government

    Rome was a civilization that lived many years ago in 509 BCE, and was one of the most powerful civilizations that there was. The Romans had five different purposes of government, they were Provide a Public Service, Protect Rights, Promote Rule of Law, Prepare for a Common Defense, and Support the Economic System. Purpose of Government Provide a Public Service Grade A It had made the common good because they had started some of the things we still use today. First, they had…

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  • Pythagoras Biography

    Pythagoras was born on 570 B.C. on an island in Samos, Greece. His father was Mnesarchus, a merchant, and his mother was Pythais. He also had two or three brothers, and historians believe he married a woman named Theano. As a child, Pythagoras travelled with his father to various locations. Although not much is known of his childhood, it is known that he had an interest in poetry, philosophy, music, and most importantly, mathematics. Pythagoras was educated in a multitude of places, including…

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  • Parthenon Summary

    Set atop the city of Athens sits an enigmatic piece of Athenian history. The Parthenon has long held one of the most historically perplexing friezes in ancient Greece. Temples were a common form of worship in ancient Greek society and often held many art pieces in honor of the god or goddess that the temple was dedicated to. These artifacts left behind from ancient societies hold key insight into what society was like and what was culturally important in ancient Greece. Joan B. Connelly may hold…

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