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  • Nelsonville Bypass Project Case Study

    technological and technical improvements (means of transportation, electronics, resource distributions services, et cetera), but there are impacts that may be somewhat vague, such as global and societal impacts. Both impacts must be weighted equally by the modern, citizen engineer. As an engineering student in southeast Ohio, one of the more recent and relevant examples of engineering impacting a society is the construction of the Nelsonville Bypass project. U.S. Route 33 ran through this small town, of approximately 5,400 people, and this section typically averaged about 19,000 vehicles per day with 15 percent being semi trucks. This section of highway was narrow in width, and would typically add about twenty to thirty minutes of travel time to the average commuter. It was proposed to build a bypass around Nelsonville, which would creating a better transportation for motorists while at the same time protect the wildlife living in Wayne National Forest. The proposal was accepted and construction…

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  • Personal Narrative: Growing Up In The World Today

    Growing up I lived in a small town in Southeast Ohio called Nelsonville. It was a great place for me to grow up, I had all my family around, and that’s all I really needed. I’ve always lived in the country part of Nelsonville, and it’s where I honestly prefer to be. I believe where I grew up, and the people I was around impacted who I am and how I view the world today. In 1814 Daniel Nelson and his wife Sarah Smith Nelson from Massachusetts bought around 200 acres of land that is now known as…

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