Personal Narrative: Growing Up In The World Today

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Growing up I lived in a small town in Southeast Ohio called Nelsonville. It was a great place for me to grow up, I had all my family around, and that’s all I really needed. I’ve always lived in the country part of Nelsonville, and it’s where I honestly prefer to be. I believe where I grew up, and the people I was around impacted who I am and how I view the world today.
In 1814 Daniel Nelson and his wife Sarah Smith Nelson from Massachusetts bought around 200 acres of land that is now known as Nelsonville. Daniel built a house in 1820 where there once was a store called Hoodlet’s and now the First National Bank occupies this building. In 1830 Thomas Dew built The Dew House Hotel where later on in 1912 Theodore Roosevelt spoke during his presidential campaign. George W. Stuart built the Opera House which still stands today in 1879. Stuarts Opera House still brings people around to this day. They have all sorts of plays and musicals there every year which leads me to the public square
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It’s a pretty easy going job, but it could be more stressful than you think. You have to face rude, and ungrateful people who will complain about anything just to try to get a discount, free food, or just trying to be plain assholes. Asians, and Chinese people come into the pizza shop all the time, and sometimes it is so hard to understand them and what they want, which has helped me learn to be more patient, and understanding. I remember going to the store when I lived in Florida and I hated going to the store because they all spoke Spanish, and I had no idea how to speak Spanish or understand what they were saying and it drove me insane. I liked when new people come into my work because it is so neat seeing how people from different cultures interact with each other. Becoming a manager at a young age definitely taught me how to be responsible, and has helped shaped who I am

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