Growing Up-Personal Narrative

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Growing up, getting older, the start of a new year, it is exciting and scary at the same time because you do not know what to expect, but you are excited because you know it is a fresh start. August of 2009 I was starting my seventh grade year and I felt excited but scared because I knew that my classes were going to get harder. The fact that I was growing up also scared me because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I was excited because I had one more year left till I was out of middle school. I grew up in small town, Belle Chasse, my entire life, so I pretty much knew everyone in my grade. I knew them well enough to not to associate with many of them. Mostly because people aggravated me if you were not relatable to me. It was …show more content…
I thought I was cool and could do whatever I wanted because my mom never really notice the things I was doing, so I thought I could get away with anything. Sophomore year Ashley and I started to hang out again, and she brought my attention back to cheerleading. We started to prepare for try outs and if cheerleading was like anything at the middle school, I could still hang out with my other friends. Hanging with them made me feel like I was living life to the fullest. When tryouts came we tried out in the afternoon. Some people had time to practice the tryout material before they were called into the building, which consisted of a cheer, chant, dance, jumps, and tumbling if you had any. We received numbers for the order we would tryout in, and it would be in groups of three. Ashley and I did not get to try out together so that made me nervous. Once I was called into the building I got the butterflies in my stomach. The tryout felt like it went by quickly, and I was not sure if I messed up in the dance. Once everyone was finished they announced who made the team and we both made the team. We were both ecstatic, because making the team was hard to do. From that day forward cheerleading changed my

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